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Migrating to Microsoft Azure can enhance your ERP software’s effectiveness and usefulness, as well as helping to cut costs and increase the bottom line.

The Modern Digital Cloud Platform 

Microsoft Azure is a powerful and flexible cloud platform that Velosio experts leverage to enable our clients to extend their infrastructure, build and deploy apps, manage data and storage, and unlock powerful business insights. 

Azure cloud computing software is deployed across a global network of data centers that meet stringent privacy, compliance, security and performance standards from Microsoft. With Azure, organizations can access a broad collection of enterprise-class, integrated cloud services without investing in significant overhead. Additionally, Azure gives companies the flexibility to use the cloud as you see it and need it.

Line art of man with a lightbulb next to his headMake smarter decisions. Faster.

Give your entire company access to the business intelligence (BI) they need—whenever and wherever they need it. By integrating BI into your company’s office tools, you’ll transform your data to enable greater insights for faster, more informed decisions.

Line art of a man going up a bar graphIncrease the speed of doing business

Transform and adapt quickly to keep your organization at the forefront of your market. Simplify changes to your business process development and deployment with a consistent and user-friendly ERP solution.

Line art of two people assembling a puzzleGrow at your own pace

Grow how, where, and when you need to. Whether you’re introducing new products, expanding into new markets, or growing your business through acquisition, get the agility and flexibility of the cloud to scale at the right pace for you.

Line art of a chart showing positive growthDrive business performance

Better plan and anticipate your business needs. Increase the visibility of organizational risks with a single, holistic view to help your IT department expand the business in ways not possible before—while continuing to provide security, scalability, and reliability.

Microsoft Azure plus Microsoft Dynamics Logo

Microsoft Dynamics on Azure

Dynamics 365 is built for Azure.  Together, they deliver the most cutting-edge, reliable cloud ERP platform on the market today.  It brings together ERP, business intelligence, infrastructure, compute and database services in a secure environment.  The only way to improve on this powerful combo is to let Velosio manage your environment to ensure optimal performance.

  • 99.95% monthly SLA
  • Build and run highly available applications without focusing on the infrastructure
  • Automatic OS and service patching
  • Resilient to hardware failure
  • Use any language, framework or tool to build apps
  • Scale applications to any size
  • Unlimited server and storage potential
  • Only pay for the resources you use

Lift and Shift critical workloads to Azure cloud

While a modern cloud-based ERP solution is one answer, making the move right now may not be feasible. The good news is that there is another option to start your journey to the cloud called a “lift and shift.” A lift and shift addresses the limitations you are experiencing today and gives you the benefits of cloud computing, while maintaining your current ERP system, so users do not need to learn new software or change any processes.

Learn about Lift and Shift or other Azure Cloud Services from Velosio!

Watch this short video to learn more about how a lift and shift to the cloud can work for you.

App Development

Complete Scalability

Hybrid Cloud Storage

World-Class Data Security

Built-in Intelligence

Microsoft Family Member

Private Cloud Hosting for Older Versions of Microsoft Dynamics

Not everyone is ready for Dynamics 365.  For companies that prefer to continue forward with their current Dynamics version but don’t want the hassle, cost and risk associated with managing on-premise server infrastructure, we offer cloud hosting for all Dynamics solutions and versions.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Logo Microsoft Dynamics GP Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics SL

Our team can create your own private or hybrid cloud environment to manage these and other critical applications to free up your IT organization to focus on managing internal and external stakeholders, not with busywork and bug fixing. We’ll move your current configuration, customizations and third party apps to a secure environment with a superior uptime commitment (SLA) and your choice of support options. And, when you’re ready to move to Dynamics 365, our experts will be there for you.

Reach out to our cloud services team to explore options.


Azure Cloud Computing Whitepaper Graphic

Making Sound Decisions About the Cloud

Is a cloud strategy right for your business?  If so, when? Technology decisions today are more than technology decisions.

Learn about the economics of migrating to the cloud.  Resource management, business agility, flexibility for growth, operational costs, financial accounting and company valuation are all considerations that will be explored.