What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive, cloud-based business management solution that provides the security, mobility, flexibility, and functionality your business needs to thrive in a digital world. Dynamics 365 Business Central helps small and medium-sized businesses grow by uniting every function and every team — from financials to operations. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you gain centralized insight and deep control over finance, procurement, sales, service, manufacturing, warehousing, and projects — driving efficiency that’s scalable, sustainable, and built to last.

Let’s Talk About Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Value/Benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Gain an End-to-End View of Your Business

Unite multiple disconnected systems into one to increase financial visibility, improve forecast accuracy, and elevate security and accessibility.

Enhance Cross-Enterprise Visibility

Armed with deep, real-time operational and financial insights that span departments and locations, you can optimize resources, lower costs, and plan for the future.

Connect Your Business

Connect people and processes in ways your entry-level accounting package or legacy ERP cannot. From day one, connect each department of your organization so you can close more deals, collect payments faster, deliver with efficiency, and build customers for life.

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Gain complete visibility into your business and make better decisions using business intelligence-powered insights.

Leverage the Microsoft Ecosystem

Boost efficiency thanks to deep integration with familiar Microsoft Office tools like Outlook 365, Excel, Power BI, and Microsoft Dynamics CE.

Make Room to Grow

Adapt and evolve your solutions at your own pace without an in-house IT team. You can start by implementing the features and functionality you need and add additional capabilities as you scale and diversify.

Streamlined Financial Management

Achieve greater efficiency by automating tasks such as invoice generation, payment processing, and reconciliation, all within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Improved Sales and Customer Service

Enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth through streamlined sales processes and personalized service.

Optimized Supply Chain Management

Achieve greater efficiency by managing inventory, procurement, and logistics seamlessly within your organization.

Enhanced Project Management

Streamline financial management by automating tasks such as invoice generation, payment processing, and reconciliation, while also offering seamless integration with familiar Microsoft Office tools and scalability options for future growth.

Advanced Customization and Scalability

Tailor Dynamics 365 Business Central to your unique business needs and scale your solution as your organization grows.

Security and Compliance Assurance

Safeguard sensitive data and adhere to regulatory requirements with robust security features and compliance controls.

What Our Clients Say About Dynamics 365 Business Central

Nate Heintselman
“When we first evaluated around 10 systems and selected the manufacturing-based ERP, BC was neck-and-neck with the other solution the whole time. After we outgrew the capabilities of the manufacturing solution, we decided to take another look at BC – we never considered another partner besides Velosio because of a longstanding relationship with them. Velosio was an easy choice for us,”

Nate Heintzelman, Director of Operations – Werk Brau

David Kafowski
“Business Central has been a great success here. Now that we have all our inventory in Business Central, we can create production orders and then from there create purchase orders. But one of the biggest benefits of it is we can put in building material and routers. And when you create production orders and close them out, that automatically consumes the material.”

David Kafowski, Supply Chain Manager – Irrimax

Andy Ho
“Our choices were small mom-and-pop systems like Sage 50, or taking a huge leap to Oracle, built for massive manufacturing firms. Everything in between felt like a dead zone. We looked at Sage Intacct, Acumatica, NetSuite, and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Acumatica fell off the list because it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. We felt as if BC was perfectly geared for our industry, size, and marketplace, and it was a good price.”

Andy Ho, Senior Vice President – Global Strategy Group

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Unlocking Business Potential with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is your gateway to a comprehensive and integrated business management solution. It’s packed with capabilities, each designed to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and drive growth. From financial management to sales, procurement, and human resources, these capabilities empower your organization to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Discover how Business Central can revolutionize your operations, foster collaboration, and add tangible value to your business. Let’s explore the capabilities that form the backbone of this powerful platform:

Streamline finance with standard configurations, best-in-class accounting tools, and currency management.

Simplify sales management, optimize processes, automate workflows, manage quotes, orders, and invoices with powerful sales tools.

Enable efficient procurement by seamlessly creating purchase invoices and purchase orders, managing accounts payable and vendors, and optimizing inventory levels using cutting-edge OCR technology.

Manage Inventory
Gain streamlined control over your inventory. Ensure accurate financial records with inventory reconciliation, create item cards, manage quantities, and categorize for easy search and sorting.

Project Management
Streamline project management tasks, job configuration, resource scheduling, time tracking, and progress monitoring, providing project managers with a comprehensive view of resource allocation and individual jobs across all projects.

Fixed Assets
Unlock enables efficient management and tracking of tangible assets, including asset tracking, depreciation management, maintenance scheduling, and disposal handling.

Relationship Management
Gain efficient contact management, segmentation, lead tracking, and seamless integration with Dynamics 365 Sales for enhanced sales effectiveness.

Human Resources
Enhance employee management, allowing efficient registration, maintenance of employee information, and tracking of absences and absence statistics.

Empower efficient supply chain management by balancing demand and supply, optimizing inventory, and calculating planned order releases.

Assembly Management
Simplify the assembly process, allowing efficient creation of assembly items, setup of bill of materials, and management of assembly orders.

Improve production processes by managing bills of materials, specifying routings for production steps, and efficiently handling production orders to convert raw materials into finished products

Warehouse Management
Streamline inventory processes by managing levels, placements, shipments, and picks for physical goods, allowing scalability and process adjustments as your company grows.

Service Management
Efficiently manage service-related operations, including service calls, repair parts tracking, skill-based personnel assignment, and integrated business processes, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Take command of eCommerce operations by integrating with Shopify stores, providing unified insights, real-time pricing and stock visibility, and efficient order processing.

Local Functionality
Gain essential features for regulatory compliance and other localized requirements, covering various countries and regions, allowing users to manage business processes specific to their location.

Unlocking Efficiency with Copilot: A New Era of Productivity

Microsoft CopilotCopilot for Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly integrates AI-powered assistance, streamlining tasks, automating content creation, and revolutionizing accounting. Whether you’re a product manager, accountant, or business owner, Copilot empowers efficiency and unlocks productivity.

Learn more about Copilot

Example of Microsoft Copilot writing Marketing copy inside Business Central

Business Central Features

Business Central Essentials

Business Central Essentials provides a wide range of operational and management capabilities, including:

Financial Management

Account Schedules


Bank Account Management

Bank Reconciliation

Basic General Ledger

Basic XBRL


Cash Flow Forecast

Check Writing



Electronic Payment/Direct Debits

Fixed Assets

Multiple Currencies

Payment Handling

Responsibility Centers

Unlimited Dimensions

Advanced Financial Management

Cost Accounting

Intercompany Postings

Artificial Intelligence

Cash Flow Forecast

Late Payment Prediction

Image Recognition

Inventory Forecast

Sales Forecast

Customer Relationship Management

Business Inbox for Outlook

Campaign Management

Campaign Pricing

Contact Classification

Contact Management

Dynamics 365 Sales Integration3

Email Logging

Interaction/Document Management

Opportunity Management

Relationship Management

Task Management


Bank Feeds (US, CA)

Document Exchange Service

Document Management, Document Capture

Online Map


Tax. Reg. No. Validation Service (EU)1

Human Resources Management

Basic Human Resources

Project Management

Basic Resources

Capacity Management

Job Quotes

Multiple Costs

Project Management Jobs

Time Sheet

Supply Chain Management

Alternative Order Addresses

Alternative Ship-To Addresses

Alternative Vendors

Assembly Management

Basic Inventory

Basic Payables

Basic Receivables


Cycle Counting

Drop Shipments

Item Attributes

Item Budgets

Item Categories

Item Charges

Item Cross References

Item Substitutions

Item Tracking

Location Transfers

Multiple Locations

Order Promising

Purchase Invoicing

Purchase Line Discounting

Purchase Line Pricing

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Return Order Management

Requisition Management

Demand Forecasting

Sales Invoice Discounts

Sales Invoicing

Sales Line Discounting

Sales Line Pricing

Sales Order Management

Sales Return Order Management

Sales Tax/VAT4

Shipping Agents

Standard Cost Worksheet

Stock keeping Units

Vendor Catalogue Items

Warehouse Management and Inventory

Automated Data Capture System

Bin Set-Up

Internal Picks and Put Aways


Warehouse Shipment

Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Receipt

Other Capabilities

Analysis Reports

Change Log

Embedded Power BI

Extended Text


Job Queue

Notifications (On-Premises Only)

Reason Codes

Retention Policies

Unlimited Companies

User Management

User Tasks


Word Reporting/Document Reporting

Warehouse Receipt

Business Central Premium

Business Central Premium is licensed by assigned user and includes all Essentials license capabilities plus Service Order Management and Manufacturing.

Service Order Management

Planning and DispatchingService Contract Management

Service Item Management

Service Order Management

Service Price Management


Agile ManufacturingBasic Capacity Planning

Basic Supply Planning

Finite Loading

Machine Centers

Production Bill of Materials

Production Orders

Sales and Inventory Forecasting

Version Management

Deployment Options for Dynamics 365 Business Central

When considering deployment options for Dynamics 365 Business Central, it’s essential to evaluate the trade-offs between on-premises and cloud-based solutions. Let’s delve into your options, and explore what’s best for your business. (Or read this article for a deep dive into these options.)

On-Premises Deployment

Who Is This Right For?

On-premises deployment is suitable for organizations that prefer to host their software and data locally, within their own infrastructure. It’s a good fit for businesses with specific requirements related to data sovereignty, compliance, or existing investments in on-premises infrastructure.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

Who Is This Right For?

Cloud deployment is suitable for organizations looking for agility, automatic updates, and reduced infrastructure management. Businesses that want to scale up or down easily without worrying about hardware limitations and low to no upfront cost for hardware.

Hybrid Deployment

Who Is This Right For?

Organizations that want to maintain some data and processes on-premises while utilizing cloud capabilities. Businesses with specific compliance requirements or existing investments in on-premises infrastructure

Need help determining what deployment model would align best with your business? We can help!

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Why Choose Velosio for Your Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation

By partnering with Velosio for your Dynamics 365 Business Implementation you can ensure:

  • Industry Expertise: Velosio’s seasoned advisors specialize in midmarket companies, ensuring tailored solutions that address specific industry needs.
  • Cloud Applications Leadership: As a leading cloud applications partner, Velosio empowers businesses to leverage cloud technology effectively. Whether it’s Dynamics 365, Azure, or Office 365, Velosio guides clients toward competitive advantages.
  • Transformative Solutions: Velosio’s deployment models swiftly guide clients to the right solution, helping them maximize their technology investments. From ERP to CRM, Velosio ensures that businesses stay ahead in today’s dynamic market.
  • Get Running Fast: We offer Velosio Express, a pre-configured Dynamics 365 Business Central solution that gets you operational in as few as 8 days, for a fixed fee. Streamline your processes and unlock the power of the cloud, without the hassle.
  • We’re Dynamics 365 Business Central Experts: With over 30 years of experience, we’re a recognized leader in ERP solutions. Our team of certified professionals will ensure a smooth implementation tailored to your specific needs.
  • Scale with Confidence: Whether you’re a mid-sized business or have complex needs, we offer scalable solutions that grow with you. Velosio puts your business transformation at the forefront.
  • Cloud Done Right: As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we have the expertise to seamlessly migrate you to the cloud, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Your Success is Our Focus: We go beyond implementation. Our team is dedicated to helping you leverage your data and unlock the full potential of Dynamics 365 Business Central, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and achieve real business value.

Velosio is among the largest and most recognized Microsoft Dynamics Business Central partners. Many years as a recognized leader in ERP, CRM, Cloud productivity, and business intelligence solutions has repeatedly landed Velosio in the top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics Partners worldwide.

Let’s Talk About Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central Pricing

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials
per user/month
Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium
per user/month
Dynamics 365 Business Central Team Members
per user/month

Does not include implementation costs.

Business Central Licensing

Find the licensing option that’s best for your business.

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