Accelerate Your Containerized Application Development With Integrated Tools

Deploy containerized apps without managing complex infrastructure with Azure Containers

Just as a shipping container isolates cargo intended for a specific location, software developers use containerization to bundle an application’s code with the related configuration files and libraries for the app to run. Containers simplify and speed your ability to deploy applications seamlessly across environments.

Microsoft Azure Containers allow you to deploy containerized apps without managing complex infrastructure. Write code using your preferred programming language or framework and build microservices with full support for Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr). Scale dynamically based on HTTP traffic or events powered by Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA).

Velosio has deep expertise with Azure. Leverage our experience to further speed your development and deployment projects.

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How Azure Containers Can Help Your Organization

Rapid Scalability

Since containers do not have the overhead typical of VMs, including separate OS instances, many more containers can be supported on the same infrastructure.

The lightweight nature of containers means they can be started and stopped quickly, unlocking rapid scale-up and scale-down scenarios. 


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Broad Portability

Containers provide a standardized format for packaging and holding all the components necessary to run the desired application.

This solves the typical problem of It works on my machine and allows for portability between OS platforms and between clouds.  

Extensive Agility

When developers build and package their applications into containers and provide them to IT to run on a standardized platform, it reduces the overall effort to deploy applications and streamlines the entire dev and test cycle.

This also increases collaboration and efficiency between dev and operations teams to ship apps faster.

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Increase the speed of doing business
Grow at your own pace
Drive business performance

Azure Containers Hold the Keys to Rapid Deployments

Azure Containers deliver agility, portability, and rapid scalability to application packaging and deployment. Containers provide support for a variety of application types, including HTTP APIs, microservices, event processing, and background tasks. They offer flexibility to write code using your language, framework, or SDK of choice. In addition, containers allow for robust autoscaling capabilities based on HTTP traffic or event triggers and simple configurations to perform modern application lifecycle tasks.

With any new technology shift, the right migration path is critical. Velosio provides strategic consulting and development services to help organizations leverage the best tools available to modernize and monetize their applications. Companies deploying cloud technologies with Velosio’s guidance benefit from improved reliability, security, scalability, and innovation from new business services.

NWS Supports Growth with Microsoft Dynamics & Azure Cloud

Rapidly expanding business opportunities required NWS to explore new strategies for order processing, billing for more complex customers, and more accurate inventory management. Business growth and re-organization of the sales department also necessitated the establishment of standard sales processes and more organized prospect and client management.

The first step was to migrate NWS’s solution to a more stable and reliable infrastructure to reduce overhead and improve performance leveraging Velosio’s Azure Cloud Hosting services.

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