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Is your implementation veering off course? Is your current partner falling short of delivering the results you anticipated? We’re here for you. At Velosio, we specialize in transforming your failing projects into triumphs. With a proven track record in rescue, recovery, and realignment, we’ll help you salvage your implementation and get you back on track. Our experts are equipped to diagnose issues and guide your project to success. Let us help you get there.

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The Road to Recovery

To help you recover your investment in Microsoft solutions, Velosio is here to assist. Our industry experts and our knowledge of Microsoft technologies enable us to resolve difficult and complex projects, including highly customized implementations. We can also help you migrate to the cloud, upgrade software versions, remove unnecessary add-on software, and revamp business processes.

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Expert Recovery

Embark on a recovery journey from over-promised and under-delivered implementations to a realm of clarity, precision, and trust with Velosio.

Tailored Solutions

Address the root causes of implementation failure head-on, with Velosio’s proven methodologies aimed at mitigating add-on costs, schedule overruns, and unwarranted change orders.

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Proven Results

Don’t become a statistic in the Gartner-estimated 55-75% of failed ERP projects. Partner with Velosio to defy these odds and steer your systems back on the track of success.

Effective Implementation

Engage in a transparent assessment process with Velosio that identifies and addresses the core issues plaguing your implementations, fostering an environment for effective deployment.

Redirect Your Software Project Towards Success

Re-evaluate Your Software

Review Your Change Management Strategy

Assess Your Implementation Protocols

Engage External Experts

Leverage Existing Strengths

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Recover with Velosio

No matter which stage your project is in and how out of control the implementation seems to be, Velosio can help you recover and rescue your investment. We have a long track record of saving projects when issues arise—whether during assessment, planning, design, implementation or post deployment.

Our team assists with failing ERP and CRM implementations by following a goals-based, collaborative approach that is mindful of your time and money already spent. We begin by understanding your goals and reasons for implementing a new system, and to reinvigorate your project, we provide a communications blueprint that reinforces the value story of your original mission. Then, to ensure the solution fits the way your company operates, we assist in getting the entire business to participate while making sure executive sponsors stay actively engaged.