Leading Your Project Accounting Process Every Step of the Way

Project team reviewing the financial forecasting provided by a project accounting software.
Initiation Phase: Laying the Financial Foundation

Laying the Financial Foundation

At the initial phase of a project, project accounting software plays a pivotal role in laying a solid financial foundation. It supports strategic project alignment with organizational goals by streamlining setup processes, enabling precise financial forecasting, and facilitating informed budgeting decisions. This ensures effective resource allocation and the establishment of clear milestones, which are vital for developing a detailed financial plan. The software’s value lies in its ability to ensure projects start on a path of compliance and accurate financial reporting, thereby enhancing overall project success.




Project team planning the budget, resources, tasks, and billing strategy for their upcoming projects.
Planning Phase: Refining Financial and Operational Strategies

Refining Financial and Operational Strategies

In the planning phase, project accounting software underpins effective strategy formulation by providing comprehensive planning capabilities, offering insights across all financial and operational dimensions. It ensures efficient resource management through optimized task and resource allocation tools, improving project precision and efficiency. Crucially, it aids in finalizing the project budget with a focus on specific resources, thus enhancing financial clarity and control. This software is indispensable for laying a robust foundation for project execution by enabling a thorough approach to budgeting, resource, task, and billing strategy planning.




Project team executing the project plan using a project accounting software.
Execution Phase: Maintaining Financial Discipline

Maintaining Financial Discipline

During the execution phase, project accounting software becomes crucial for enforcing financial discipline and ensuring operational execution aligns with project goals. This solution empowers teams with tools for precise cost tracking and flexible billing, alongside insights into resource utilization for dynamic project adjustments. It ensures operational cohesion through active project status management and cross-functional coordination, fostering a unified project management approach. This phase is vital for actualizing plans with strict cost control, efficient billing, and effective cash flow management, supported by the software’s comprehensive features.




Project team monitoring and auditing the project status to ensure it aligns with the project goals.
Monitoring and Control Phase: Ensuring Project Alignment

Ensuring Project Alignment

In the monitoring and control phase, project accounting software becomes essential for maintaining project alignment and success through diligent oversight. It delivers immediate, actionable insights into project status, financial health, and resource distribution, enabling swift adjustments to adhere to project objectives. The software enhances project adaptability and response to changes via real-time alerts, ensuring continuous alignment with project goals, financial targets, and operational efficiency, thus safeguarding the project’s overall success.




Project team conducting a detailed profit and loss analyses and post-project financial audits to verify the accuracy and compliance of financial records to effectively close the project's financial lifecycle in accordance with contractual and accounting principles.
Completion Phase: Finalizing with Financial Integrity

Finalizing with Financial Integrity

At the completion phase, project accounting software is crucial for wrapping up projects with financial integrity, ensuring that all financial operations are accurately concluded. This stage involves executing the final billing cycle and recognizing revenue in alignment with project deliverables and accounting standards, followed by a comprehensive financial closure. This includes conducting detailed profit and loss analyses and post-project financial audits to verify the accuracy and compliance of financial records, effectively closing the project’s financial lifecycle in accordance with contractual and accounting principles.




“Progressus has made our work more efficient. I love invoice suggestions; it makes the invoicing process go very quickly. Getting in and out of timesheets and expense sheets are easy, as well as entering the time and expenses. The project wizard used in conjunction with the project/task templates is a game changer. What used to take about 30 minutes now takes 5.”

– J.G. Management Systems

Streamline Your Projects with Progressus for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Boost your project profitability with Progressus, the perfect project accounting add-on for the leading ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Why choose Progressus?

  • Built on Dynamics 365 Business Central, the #1 ERP for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses: Leverage the power and familiarity of a trusted platform.
  • Comprehensive and Cloud-Based: Get a complete solution to manage your projects and measure profitability for each of them.
  • Project-Specific Functionality: Progressus provides functionalities that allow project-driven organizations to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Empowering Project-Driven Organizations to Be Profitable

Successful projects require the perfect intersection of strategic planning and meticulous execution, encompassing everything from allocating the appropriate resources to monitoring every financial aspect of a project.

Progressus allows for efficient task tracking and completion to determine which team members are the most productive. Features like project accounting, resource management, time and expense tracking, subscription management, project-multicompany, Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps integration, scheduling, and Microsoft 365 Outlook and Excel integration have made it a must-have for companies that rely on billable resources and complex projects. Progressus also includes Microsoft Power BI reports, and Power Automate features right out of the box.

Total Control Over Every Project, All in One Place

Progressus project plan dashboard. Progressus timesheets

Accounting for each of Your Projects

Take control of your project finances with the Progressus Project Accounting functionality. Automate accounting tasks specific to project management, gain real-time visibility into costs and manage billing and revenue recognition effortlessly. Make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability.

Ensure Your Projects are On-Track, On-Time, and On-Target

Streamline your project lifecycle from initiation to completion. The Progressus Project Management functionality automates time-tracking, resource allocation, and costing, ensuring your projects are on-time, on-target, and within budget. Save time and reduce errors with automated workflows.

Quick Resource Allocation and Billing

Never worry about resource allocation again with the Progressus Mixed Billing Types functionality. Quickly find the right team members based on skills and availability, and gain insights into team utilization and project profitability. Enhance productivity and focus on the most lucrative opportunities.


Access to Powerful Insights

Get instant access to actionable insights with the Progressus Project Reporting functionality. Customize your dashboards in minutes, and benefit from 100 pre-configured data points across 13 categories. Make informed decisions on the go and keep your projects on track.

Efficient Multicompany Management

The Progressus Project Multicompany functionality streamlines transaction processing from a single entry point, such as timesheets and expense reports. It automates intercompany transactions, simplifying complex accounting tasks and enhancing operational efficiency.

Progressus expense sheet

Progressus Integrates with the Way You Work

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