Leveraging Microsoft’s Toolset to Protect Your Business from Cyberattacks

Our experts at Velosio will talk about how Microsoft's latest toolset can protect your business from cyberattacks in our recorded webinar

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    What's in the article:

    • Understand common vulnerability points for ransomware attacks.
    • Discover how you can secure your organization from these threats.

    Watch our recorded webinar, you’ll hear from Velosio experts as they discuss how to future proof your business from ransomware attacks by utilizing products in the Microsoft Ecosystem.

    It seems like every day we hear of new Ransomware attacks where organizations are virtually shut down while their data is held hostage. Your chances of surviving a ransomware attack will likely depend on the make-up of your technology toolset and your organization’s awareness and preparedness for such threats.

    Microsoft takes a holistic approach to preventing ransomware by using AI automation to analyze ransomware signals across all clouds, apps, and endpoints. Microsoft 365 Defender, Sentinel, and Defender for Cloud all include adaptive AI protection to recognize and defend against human-operated ransomware attacks.

    While Microsoft’s products offer strong security protections, it’s important to note that technology alone won’t safeguard your data from ransomware. It’s up to your organization to put together a recovery plan, and continuously monitor and improve your security posture.