In the complex labyrinth of enterprise solutions, businesses often find themselves at a crossroads. It’s here that Velosio unveils “Pathway,” a structured, step-by-step journey designed to guide businesses from the limitations of legacy systems to the boundless opportunities of cloud-based ERP. Imagine a well-lit path in a dense forest; that’s what Pathway aims to be for your cloud migration journey.

Start with your legacy Microsoft solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Do I need to Move to the Cloud?

End of Life

Legacy systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP & SL have a finite lifespan.

Growing and Scaling Business Systems

On-premises solutions often require additional hardware and software licenses, which can be costly and time-consuming.

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Mobility Challenges

In an age where remote work and on-the-go access are not just conveniences but necessities, legacy ERP systems like Dynamics GP and SL fall short.

Lack of Modern Features

They lack the advanced features that modern businesses require, such as real-time analytics, AI-driven insights, and seamless integrations with other cloud-based tools.

Why Fix What Isn’t Broken?

Change Management Issues

The adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may seem applicable when considering a system migration. However, sticking with an outdated system can hinder your business’s growth and efficiency. The challenge lies in managing the change effectively, and ensuring that employees are trained and comfortable with the new system.

Adoption of New Products

Switching to a new system often comes with a learning curve. Employees may be resistant to change, leading to a slower adoption rate. This can result in a temporary decrease in productivity and may require additional resources for training and support.

Successful Cloud Migration

A real estate firm’s journey to cloud adoption serves as a practical example, demonstrating significant improvements in efficiency and strategic innovation, offering valuable insights for businesses considering a similar transition.

The crossroad:
Choosing your pathway.

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to move on from your legacy system, you’ll find yourself at a crossroad. The good news is that Velosio’s Pathway program offers multiple routes to ensure that your journey to a modern ERP system is tailored to your specific needs. Here are your five options:

Choose a Pathway.

1) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

2) Dynamics 365 Business Central + Progressus

3) Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

4) Lift & Shift onto Azure

5) Move to Another Cloud-Based ERP, including Oracle NetSuite

The Implementation Pathway

You’ve navigated the crossroads and chosen your new ERP solution. Now comes the critical phase of implementation. At Velosio, we offer three distinct pathways to ensure your journey to a fully implemented and professionally managed ERP system aligns with your specific needs. Don’t worry, our migration specialists will work with you to discover which option will best suit your needs and price points.

Select an implementation for your path.

Implementation Pathway to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Implementation Pathway to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Your Journey, Our Pathway

Navigating the complex landscape of ERP migration is a significant undertaking, but you don’t have to go it alone. Velosio’s Pathway program is designed to be your comprehensive guide, offering tailored solutions every step of the way—from understanding the challenges of leaving a legacy system to choosing the right modern ERP solution and finally, selecting the best implementation method for your business.

Embark on your journey with Velosio’s Pathway and unlock the boundless opportunities that a modern, cloud-based ERP system can offer. Your pathway to scalable success starts here. Contact us today to get started on your pathway.

Our Pathfinders

Ben Bolte - Sales Director at Velosio
Ben Bolte
Sales Director at Velosio
Christine Wingate Dusseau
Christine Wingate Dusseau
Sales Director
Carolyn Norton
Carolyn Norton
Director of Cloud
Eric Kurtz
Eric Kurtz
F&O Client Sucess Team Manager
Jackie Simens Velosio
Jackie Simens
CE Consulting Manager
A technology solution is only as good as the people who use it. Jackie’s passion is ensuring your team members love the solutions you put in place and quickly adopt new processes.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Shaun Pervis
“We found Velosio to be the best and, to me, choosing your implementation partner is almost as important as choosing the software itself. I’ve been doing implementations where you have good software but a poor implementation partner. It just really doesn’t go well.”

Shaun Pervis, Director of Global Business Systems

Richard Armstrong
“We are all impressed with the overall professionalism and breadth of everything Velosio was able to do. Velosio has a wide bench with many different specialties. When problems arose, they could find someone to help us through it. The experience was excellent,”

Richard Armstrong, Project Manager

Nycole Rosen
“I feel like we really benefited from the built-in walkthroughs on individual processes. The smoothness, adoption and accelerated timeline of BGSF’s implementation is a testimony to the efficiency of AXIO.”

Nycole Rosen, Vice President of Technology

Daniel Paul
“We love that Dynamics 365 is cloud based,” says Paul. “We can now work remotely, the whole team can be logged in at the same time, and there’s no concern that I’ll be hit by a bus with my laptop and we’ll lose all of our data.”

Daniel Paul, Accounting Manager

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