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Dynamics 365 Customer Service fundamentally transforms the customer service landscape by providing organizations with the tools they need to create meaningful and lasting connections with their customers. With this platform, businesses can ensure that customer inquiries are addressed promptly and effectively, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty. By offering omnichannel support, customers can engage with businesses on their terms, making interactions seamless and convenient. The self-service options and knowledge base empower customers to find solutions independently, saving them time and effort. Moreover, AI-powered insights and automation allow organizations to proactively anticipate and meet customer needs, delivering a level of service that goes beyond expectations.

In essence, Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps businesses build stronger, more profitable customer relationships, resulting in a competitive edge and sustained growth.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Can Help Your Organization

Knowledgebases Have the Answers

Gain Smart Service Intelligence

Offer an Omni-Channel Experience

Build Customer Self-Service and Communities

Activate Agent Enablement

Efficient Case Management
Omnichannel Support
Self-Service and Knowledge Base
AI-Powered Insights and Automation

Enhancing Customer Experiences with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers businesses to excel in customer support by offering efficient case management, omnichannel communication capabilities, self-service options through a comprehensive knowledge base, and AI-driven insights and automation. With these features, organizations can deliver exceptional customer experiences, resolve issues faster, provide flexible support across multiple channels, and proactively anticipate customer needs, ultimately fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Cryogenics Manufacturer Improves Customer Service with Dynamics 365

Working with Microsoft and longtime partner Velosio, SHI Cryogenics first implemented a free trial version of Dynamics 365 to get a better idea of the different functionalities and customizations it might need going forward.

We’re extremely fortunate to have such great business relationships,” says Preis. “Velosio came in, asked us questions to find out what we were looking for, and then helped us build a platform we could easily upgrade in the future. And Microsoft gave us the flexibility to continue testing  and figuring out the best fit for our business.

– Timothy Preis, IT Manager for Network Security, SHI Cryogenics

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