Leverage Your Data Like Never Before with a High-Value Data Fabric

Moving to the cloud is one thing, but truly taking advantage of your data to improve decision-making, create greater efficiency and provide transparency throughout your company can be quite another.

Velosio clients make better decisions by leveraging insights from cloud-based data analytics and business intelligence tools.  Our Data experts help to create a high-value data fabric that allows our clients to gather, analyze, and visualize data in real-time, providing them with valuable insights into their operations and performance.  We leverage low-code solutions to identify patterns and trends, forecast future outcomes, and gain a deeper understanding of customers, products, and markets.

Microsoft Data Fabric for Power Platform Work

Why Invest in Your Data Layer?

A well-architected data fabric is essential for midmarket companies because it enables a holistic view for better decision-making and faster time-to-insight. They can easily collect and analyze data from various sources, both internal and external, regardless of where the data resides.

Increase scale and efficiency

Boost productivity and reduce costs by quickly developing applications, processes, and reusable data schemes.

Power Platform benefits from a sound data fabric

Make your data work smarter

Get more accurate insights by adding low-code AI tools to your process automation. Identify and resolve duplicated and conflicting data with Power Automate and AI.

Microsoft Data Fabric Icon

Open your business to the power of cloud

The right data fabric aligns data across your organization to create transparency, efficiency and productivity.

Easily manage and protect data usage
Improve Data Insights and Data-Driven Decisions
Efficiently control data usage from a single admin center
Seamlessly connect data with Dynamics 365, Office, Azure and Excel
Reduce data management stress
Leverage Copilot and Generative AI for better outcomes

Microsoft Dataverse lets you securely store and manage data that's used by business applications

Microsoft Dataverse Magic…

Microsoft Dataverse allows our company to take advantage of low-code solutions like Power BI, Power Automate and Power Apps.  We leverage data across our Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, our CRM and even Teams together to provide greater transparency…and awesome real-time dashboards and reporting. Given how dependent our firm is on project management and project profitability, I don’t even remember how we ever got along without it.” — CIO, Midmarket Engineering Firm

Power BI | Power Apps | Power Automate | Azure AI | Microsoft Copilot

No-limits analytics service to power intelligent action

Azure Data Lake Analytics

The Velosio data team can help you to create an Azure Data Lake, that includes all the capabilities required to make it easy for developers, data scientists, and analysts to store data of any size, shape, and speed, and do all types of processing and analytics across platforms and languages. It removes the complexities of ingesting and storing all of your data while making it faster to get up and running with batch, streaming, and interactive analytics.

By using your own Data Lake Storage, you can “slice and dice” the data based on your unique requirements. You can build custom reports with Power BI, including views at the individual business unit level and detailed app-level reports at the tenant and environment level.

  • Get better quality data
  • Make Data Immediately Available for Decision-Making
  • Low-Cost Scalability
  • Advanced Analytics in Real Time
  • Faster Access to Data
  • Enterprise-grade security, auditing and support

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Security and digital transformation go hand-in-hand. Discover why security needs to be an urgent priority for everyone on the org chart.

Our Latest Recognitions

Modern Cloud Technology Compounds Success for Large Chemical Distributor

Veseris was given only eighteen (18) months to transition their brand new $400+ million enterprise off a legacy IT system. Veseris chose Microsoft Cloud and Velosio as its partner based on Velosio’s experience with Microsoft Cloud solutions.

Velosio and Veseris took the entire system live on time throughout locations spanning the US and Canada. Velosio also migrated over 500 users to M365 and continues to deliver desktop support services for Veseris.

We have far more visibility now. We have tools to show what’s happening with our supply chain in real time, including the people who work in the stores in their warehouses. Of course, they have to do the physical work on site, but from a corporate shared services perspective, they can work remotely and take advantage of the cloud-based system.

– Nawaz Shaik, CIO, Veseris

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