Secure All Endpoints for Better Hybrid Work Experiences

Microsoft Endpoint Manager Streamlines Device Security

It’s a familiar struggle for many organizations. Employees need to access proprietary business data from different devices (including their devices) across different locations. Employers must ensure the security of that data while still enabling employees to work productively from anywhere.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a robust, cloud-based solution designed to solve the challenges and reduce the time required to deploy, manage, and secure desktop and mobile devices in an organization. It includes several discrete services that combine to allow organizations to effectively and efficiently manage their physical, virtual, and mobile devices.


Simplify Endpoint Management

Streamline complexities by managing any device with a single unified tool already built into Microsoft 365.

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Help Protect a Hybrid Workforce

Implement a Zero Trust architecture that helps protect data accessed and stored on both company-owned and bring-your-own devices.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Using Microsoft Endpoint Management, organizations can save up to 60% over the cost of combining other multiple-point solutions.

Rescue your project at any stage
Recover previous time and money investments
Reinforce the value of your original mission

What Can Microsoft Endpoint Manager Do For You?

Simply put, Microsoft Endpoint Manager makes it easier and less costly to manage an organization’s devices in a way that protects business data while still allowing employees to do their jobs.

Velosio works with organizations to design, implement, and manage Microsoft Endpoint Manager and other security and access solutions that can help you promote high productivity levels, maintain access controls, and lower operational and administrative costs.

Dynamics 365 Implementation Best Practices

According to Microsoft, integrating all front and back-end business processes and systems into one platform takes anywhere from six months to two years.

While you’ll want to leave some room to make changes as new needs emerge, developing a comprehensive implementation plan is critical when it comes to getting the most value out of your investment.

In this article, we’ll break the implementation process into a series of steps/best practices that will help you set the stage for success.


A Business Leaders Guide to Dynamics 365 ERP

Velosio’s Microsoft experts will weigh in throughout  to share insights and best practices gleaned from years on the job. Additionally, this series examines emerging trends, product updates, and how real companies use D365 in the real-world – putting the game-changing ERP in a broader context.

244 Pages | Published: March 31, 2022

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