Microsoft Cloud ERP For Cannabis Growers and Processors

Seed to Sale Tracking, Plus So Much More

The cannabis industry is expanding at an astounding pace, and companies competing for a share of this market face unprecedented challenges – and extraordinary opportunities. Often, we see rapidly growing cannabis companies running multi-million-dollar operations on entry-level accounting software and spreadsheets. Disconnected, incomplete applications rob the organization of the visibility needed to sustain growth, expansion, and profitability. Simplified, one-note solutions (like QuickBooks or seed-to-sale applications) cannot provide the comprehensive functionality required to run a successful, profitable, and compliant cannabis business.

SilverLeaf is a comprehensive and user-friendly agribusiness ERP solution built to tackle the unique challenges cannabis growers and processors face. SilverLeaf Cannabis ERP delivers functionality for financials, production, inventory, shipping, and other vital workloads, so you can easily manage, measure, and track performance to keep your operation growing. SilverLeaf integrates all the functions you need to optimize your cannabis business on top of the best-in-class ERP platform: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

At Velosio, we understand that every detail can impact your bottom line. Our team not only understands today’s software, but many come from a cannabis background. They bring industry experience and expertise, ensuring we understand your business and can help you maximize success.

Manage Your Entire Business in One Place

We’ve spent three decades implementing and configuring ERP for industry leaders and value Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the foundation of SilverLeaf because it was designed for manufacturers and distributors.

D365 Business Central (BC) also gives our team the flexibility to configure extensible solutions that are industry-specific for cannabis growers, yet manageable for a lean IT team.

SilverLeaf ERP Functionality Wheel

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Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Integrate and reconcile your cannabis growers data with state tracking systems (e.g. Metrc, BioTrackTHC, Leaf Data Systems). Support the execution of your 280e strategy. Track and maintain state and local business tax requirements for cannabis growers (sales, excise, cultivation). Utilize auditable financials, with robust tracking of system usage throughout, and support GAAP and IFRS environments.

All these necessary system integrities, process assurances, and tools are built into SilverLeaf ERP for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

What SilverLeaf Cannabis ERP Can Do For You

Enhance Efficiency

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Engage in Strategic Planning

Streamline Production

Gain Insights and Visibility

Inventory & Procurement

Cultivation & Quality Controls

Sales and Delivery

Forecast Demand to Drive Production Plan
Streamline Production
Manage Compliance and Tracking

Full Business Management Solution Designed for Cannabis Companies

Silver Leaf is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built for cannabis operations, including cultivators, manufacturers, processors, and distributors. SilverLeaf incorporates all the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with cannabis-specific features growing cannabis companies need, including product tracking, quality control, delivery compliance, and financial best practices. SilverLeaf Cannabis ERP helps cannabis companies:

  • Understand the true costs of producing each product
  • Bring data to life with valuable dashboards created with Microsoft Power BI
  • Demonstrate compliance and streamline audits with robust internal controls and rapid access to data
  • Build and maintain a robust quality control program
  • Control the quarantine process automatically and track lab results
  • Improve forecasting and optimize supply chain planning
  • Ensure chain of custody tracking with manifest generation and mapping, and signature capture
  • Easily integrate with state track and trace systems, including Leaf and Metrc

Cannabis Growers and Processors

Solution Benefits

Why Velosio for Your Cannabis Grower and Processor Software Solution?

5 Capabilities Cannabis Companies Need to Grow Their Reputations for Quality

The cannabis industry launched as one of the most highly-regulated industries in the world —and as it has grown, the regulations surrounding it have expanded too. Initially, there was little or no required testing in the states where cannabis was legal. Nevertheless, now every state requires cannabis producers to send their products to testing labs to undergo a battery of purity and safety tests.

Here, we suggest five capabilities your cannabis brand should consider that will take you beyond compliance toward a reputation for quality that differentiates your brand from its competitors.

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