Velosio Recognized in Four 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Categories

The Microsoft business applications ISV ecosystem brings deep industry expertise that helps customers solve important, industry-specific challenges, so we have been investing in technical and business solutions to help accelerate their growth.  The ISV ecosystem has added value to the Dynamics channel, enriching the end solution for the customer.

Whether you’re an ISV building solutions on top of Dynamics, an ISV connecting their solutions with Dynamics, or a systems integrator providing customization and integration for the customer’s environment, the ISV partner community is critical to meeting customer expectation.

Join the journey to cloud, accelerate your sales opportunity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Velosio is supporting our Dynamics ISV partner community to accelerate their on-premise business application ISV solutions to Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft AppSource.

“Ready to Go” Acceleration Program for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Velosio is helping partners accelerate their transformation to the cloud with deep knowledge of business solutions, IP development and cloud technologies. With more than 30 years of business systems experience, Velosio resources have deep expertise on Business Central, the integration components and development environment.

The Accelerator Program provides any combination of the following services:

  • Commercial, Product and/or Marketing consulting services for AppSource
  • Technical Architecture consulting services to plan out extensions and modernize on the new platforms
  • Development, Integration and/or Quality Assurance resources to accelerate and reduce your time to market
  • Azure DevOps support for Product Development, Release Management, CICD and Automated Testing


There are three offer tiers:

  • 10 Consulting Days or

20 Development Days

Price $12,500

  • 20 Consulting Days or

40 Development Days

Price $25,000

  • 30 Consulting Days or

60 Development Days

Price $37,500


Who this Program is for:

  • ISV Partners upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics on-premise
  • ISV Partners with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions who want to get published, or republished on AppSource
  • ISV or VAR Reselling Partners seeking Consulting or Development support in building a solution for Dynamics 365




Why Velosio?

Velosio was a launch partner for one of the largest IP code bases of any publisher on Microsoft AppSource for Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Today our solution is one of the largest vertical solutions and is published and sold through our direct and indirect partner channel.  Our team has provided Microsoft partners with expert Consulting and Development services, accelerating their time to market.

Velosio powers ISV partner acceleration

Pacejet engaged our development team to develop Pacejet Connector integrating its product to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and achieve publication on Microsoft AppSource.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was extended to add Pacejet’s features and functionality, it quickly met the rigorous IP requirements of AppSource and passed the code reviews with flying colors, returning a faster time-to-market.

“Our product launched seven years ago. Since then, we have had very good success in the midmarket with NetSuite and other cloud-based ERP solutions,” says Bill Knapp, Pacejet CEO. “We felt that moving forward, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform will provide us with the most growth opportunity for midmarket companies with complex distribution and manufacturing – our sweet spot so to speak,” describes Knapp.

Pacejet considered developing the integration in-house, but in the end determined that it would be much more cost effective to partner with a Microsoft partner. Having little experience with Dynamics 365, partnering enabled them to quickly get up to speed on the IP requirements and code review requirements. Pacejet’s integration is a complex app, integrating to multiple modules and support shipment types as well as sales orders, warehouse shipments, purchase return orders to vendors, and transfer orders.

Less Expense and Faster Time to Market

“With no expertise on the product, we were going to have to gain certifications, and find and hire a very expensive set of resources to accomplish the integration,” says Knapp. Pacejet considered other partners, but in the end, found them lacking in experience. “My background is in the Microsoft community, and I’m well aware of many resources that can do this type of development work,” says Knapp. “However, we found there is no other development organization with more understanding of the D365 product and integration components than Velosio. Velosio has the strongest team of subject matter experts amongst Microsoft partners, which made it an easy choice,” continues Knapp.

Each ISV partner is unique in their offering.  Velosio will discuss with you the most efficient and effective approach.  Whether your ISV offer is an end-to-end industry solution or a horizontal add-on, it can be a daunting project when tech companies prepare their apps for AppSource, Microsoft’s modern discovery and provisioning system for Dynamics 365 solutions.

The requirements for app approval to be listed on AppSource are significant. Not only is it now much more rigorous than the old “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD)” designation, in today’s SaaS world, the validation process is ongoing as apps must be updated for regular service updates and feature releases.

BGSF team