Microsoft FY21

Microsoft FY21 – A Winning Year for Velosio

As a long-standing member of the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem, this time of year, Microsoft’s fiscal New Year, has been a time to both reflect and re-energize for the year ahead.  And while I am not what you would consider a blogger, this year, I am truly humbled by Velosio’s accomplishments and as Microsoft Inspire 2021…
Technology picture demonstrating the benefits of Dynamics 365 over SL

Difference Between Dynamics SL and Dynamics 365

SL is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small to midsize businesses (SMBs). It’s been around for 40+ years—first as Solomon Software before Microsoft acquired the platform in 2000. SL’s frequent updates, advanced features, and customization options have kept the veteran app in the game for decades. Yet, while extended support doesn’t end until…

Microsoft Ecosystem Unifies Workflows to Enable HVAC Service Firms to Operate More Efficiently and Service Customers Faster

By Tom Condon, Dynamics 365 Director at Velosio HVAC sales and field services teams face tremendous pressure in responding to customer requests as quickly as possible. Whether it’s trying to close new business or repairing a broken system, accessing the right information immediately and responding instantly are critical. That’s how HVAC companies build and maintain…
on premise to cloud based software

Have You Been Caught by the Legacy Technology Trap?

When COVID hit, we scrambled to go remote and respond to changing client needs. We watched established firms succumb to digital pressures in real-time. But–we also caught a glimpse of what’s possible when organizations go “all-in” on transformation. For many professional services firms, digital transformation is all tangled up in the M&A strategy. A smart…
Two Partners With a Bad Relationship

Five Signs You Need a New Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Best case scenario: you’ve selected a Microsoft Dynamics Partner that’s in it for the long haul. They supported you in your on-prem days and helped you nail the transition to the cloud. And, they stuck around to offer ongoing support and proactive solutions for improvement. But sometimes you end up with a partner that isn’t…
resource utilization

Improving Utilization at the Tactical Level

In a previous blog, we discussed how changes at the operational level will give you the fastest business value and ROI. Not only will those changes increase billable hours available, the obvious and quick impact on resource utilization will gain buy-in from staff and management. We’ve seen how disconnected business systems result in wasted time,…
Switch from on-premise to cloud ERP

Are Firms Really Ditching Traditional, On-premise ERP for Cloud-Based Systems?

Yes. Professional services firms are ditching on-premise ERPs for cloud-based systems in droves. But the mass exodus began more than a decade ago–making cloud-based ERPs less of a trend than an urgent priority–or even a basic competency. Organizations that remain loyal to their on-prem systems are taking on more risks than they might think. Worse,…
2021 Comparably Awards - Velosio

Velosio Sweeps 2021 Comparably Awards with Recognition in Four Categories

In December 2021, Velosio was recognized by Comparably for “Best Company Culture”, “Best Culture for Women”, Best Company for Diversity” and “Best CEO”. COLUMBUS, OHIO (PRWEB) DECEMBER 20, 2021 — Velosio, a technology partner specializing in cloud software solutions for SMB and emerging enterprises, today announced that it has won four Comparably Awards for Q42021: Best…
Log4j Exploit Concerns Dynamics ERP

Is Apache Log4j Exploit a Ransomware Concern for Microsoft Dynamics?

If you’re scrolling through social media, reading your RSS feeds or even watching the news you’ve probably heard something about the Log4j 2 exploit and the potential for ransomware attacks.  So far, the worst of it (at least in the Microsoft world) seems to have fallen on privately hosted Minecraft servers running an older Java…
microsoft dynamics partner

What to Look for in a Microsoft Dynamics Partner

As with every part of your cloud ERP strategy, your Microsoft Dynamics partner must align with your business needs, processes, and goals. Which means, the word “partner” is key. See, you’re not outsourcing the migration or implementation process. You’re not passing the buck on training or change management responsibilities, nor are you paying an external…