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Velosio Acquires Silverware Inc., Announces New Offerings for Agribusiness Growers Market

The acquisition of Phoenix-based Silverware, Inc. expands Velosio’s client base and portfolio of cloud ERP, CRM and digital transformation solutions catering to commercial greenhouse growers. COLUMBUS, OH, April 1, 2021 — Velosio announced today that it has acquired Silverware Inc., a leading Microsoft Partner focused on Dynamics 365 Business Central with specialization in the Agribusiness…

Dynamics 365 Business Central, Teams Integration, and Excel

If you’ve spent any time poking around Microsoft’s various blogs in recent months, you’ve probably noticed they’ve been talking a lot about “activating the flow of work,” streamlining collaboration, and well, making it easier to get work done from anywhere. The Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Teams integration is central to this effort. Teams…
Business People Holding Puzzle Pieces and Collaborating to Put Them Together

Technology Redefining How Professional Services Companies Collaborate

Two years into the pandemic, organizations need to accept that it’s time to ditch temporary solutions and invest in digital collaboration tools that actively generate value. And that means going beyond ad-hoc upgrades that support one team or a specific process. Everything is connected. And as such, improving collaboration needs to happen on a holistic…
Businessman Standing in Front of ERP System Concept

Microsoft ERP Solutions for Professional Services Firms

Microsoft offers two different versions of D365: Business Central (for SMBs) and Finance & Operations (for enterprise users). For the most part, both versions promise the same general benefits. Both are industry-agnostic, customizable, and designed to unify all data, processes, and apps in one central hub. And that unity part is crucial, as it enables…
Professional Services Executive Sharing Accounting Reports

Project Accounting Strategy for Professional Services Firms

Professional services firms often struggle to deliver projects on-time and on-budget for several reasons. Complex projects have lots of moving parts – making it difficult to generate accurate estimates, timelines, and budgets. Communication issues can lead to delays or expensive rework. Firms might offer discounts to keep clients happy when projects hit a snag. The…
Increase Visibility Across Your HVAC Operations

Increase Visibility Across Your HVAC Operations

Automate Data Delivery to Internal Teams Directing the focus of your sales, service and accounting teams towards your customers and their HVAC systems is vital to operating your business more efficiently. But if your field and front office personnel can’t quickly access the information they need to make decisions and to service customer systems, their…
Vector Image of Professional Service Professionals Improving Business Productivity

Improving Business Productivity in Professional Services Companies Through Smart Technology Investments

Historically, business productivity has been defined as the ratio of inputs and outputs. However, firms are increasingly pushing optics and outdated metrics aside in favor of outcomes. See, business productivity isn’t just about looking busy or checking more items off of a to-do list. Instead, firms must focus on finding the most effective tools and…
Professional Services Company Culture

For Professional Services Companies, Culture is Everything

Culture is a foundational part of any business — and investing in making it better benefits firms on multiple fronts. Happier employees deliver better client experiences, are more likely to stick around, and are eager to learn new skills and collaborate on innovative solutions. For professional services firms, culture is especially critical when it comes…
People Using Dolls to Demonstrate Resource Planning in Professional Services

Professional Services Success Requires Accurate Resource Planning

Proactive resource planning is crucial to the success of any project-based organization. There’s a lot on the line. Get it wrong, the business loses money, credibility, and potentially, even fails. Poor resource planning triggers destructive ripples across the entire organization — dealing multiple blows to the bottom line. For example, if you underestimate the resources…
Trends in Technology for Greenhouse Growers

Technology Trends Impacting Greenhouse Growers in 2022

By Todd Waterman, Velosio Solution Architect Technology plays a key role in the business success of greenhouse growers by helping control costs so they can provide plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees to customers at a reasonable profit. Technology also delivers real-time access to information, which drives faster decision-making so your team can deliver a higher…
Microsoft Teams Data Platform Newsfeed

Power Apps Newsfeed for Teams

Power Apps Newsfeed for Teams Power Apps empowers teams to build solutions that solve their own problems without the time and expense of a custom build – or even any pre-existing development experience. Its integration with Microsoft Teams, however, kicks those benefits into high gear.  See, not only can users build custom apps – they…