SBS Group and Socius to form Velosio

Leading Microsoft partners combine to create a business platform that unites world class people, products and companies to deliver solutions in the cloud. EDISON, N.J. (PRWEB) DECEMBER 15, 2017 Representatives from SBS Group and Socius announced this week that the two companies will form a new entity—Velosio. Velosio will be among the largest privately-owned Microsoft partners…
D365 connecting PowerApps SharePoint Flow and more

Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, SharePoint and Dynamics 365 Working Together, No Coding Required!

All who attended Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas and the Microsoft Business Summit at Seattle this year would have heard a lot about the Microsoft Power Platform. All the surrounding apps and services in Dynamics 365, such as Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, Power BI, CDS, etc. now are referred as the new Power Platform. These powerful…
Cloud ERP for specialty contractors

How to Build a Dynamic Cloud ERP Solution

Specialty contractors have project-driven businesses that greatly benefit from the features offered in an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Too often, small businesses try to reduce expenses by getting by with multiple spreadsheets and low-cost generic software. The only things “reduced” by such a solution are project efficiencies, new customers, and growth opportunities. How…
Microsoft Cloud for specialty contractors

5 Valuable Benefits of a Cloud Solution for Specialty Contractors

In the past, small and medium-size specialty contractors have had to make do with cumbersome and sometimes inadequate technology. Full-featured ERP and CRM solutions are financially out of reach, and many companies do not have the technology know-how required to make the best of the software they already own. Cloud solutions and Software as a…
Premium Dynamics 365 business central trail

How to Convert a Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials Trial into a Premium Trial

If you have visited the website and started a Dynamics 365 Business Central trial, you might think there are some premium features missing like Manufacturing and Service Management. Until recently, it was instructed to go through a CSP Provider to get access to the premium Dynamics 365 Business Central trial. Now, it’s only a…
Dynamics 365 CE schedule upgrade soon

The CRM Maintenance Light Just Went “On” For Your Sales Engine

You take your car in for regular oil changes and scheduled maintenance every 15,000 miles. Your CRM requires a similar check every year to make sure it too is firing on all cylinders. Last month Microsoft not only announced its commitment to a twice-yearly online upgrade schedule for Dynamics 365 CE (Customer Engagement), but also…
Keys to measuring with heavy equipment management software

Does Your Heavy Equipment Management Software Do This? 12 Key Areas Dealers Should Monitor and Measure Regularly

Heavy equipment dealers, along with nearly every industry across the board, are caught up in information and system overload. If left unmonitored, it can be a major deterrent to the success of any business. Although every new piece of data available is not critical when it comes to better decision making, there are a few…