From Reactive to Proactive – Plan for Long Term Field Service Success and Profitability

From work order management to scheduling, dispatching, inventory, and customer satisfaction – there are several areas key to long term success for any field service organization. However, many companies are falling behind and losing sight of how to optimize resources and processes to increase productivity and profits.

By streamlining your operations and deploying best practice processes, you can shift from a reactive cost center to a proactive profit center.

With a unified experience for every member of your team including customer service representatives, dispatchers, field technicians, inventory and shop managers, you’re able to provide the complete data that each person needs to do their job more efficiently and effectively, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

With a focus on the customer, you’re able to eliminate customer service issues before they happen, effectively communicate, proactively schedule service and maintenance, and build customers for life.

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2023 Dynamics 365 Field Service Partner of the Year Finalist

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Field Service


fewer hours billed for maintenance and repair work


reduction in field dispatch with IoT devices


less driving time


fewer customer service calls

Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact Study.

Your Team of Field Service Experts

Jason Wietharn
Jason Wietharn
Practice Director, Customer Engagement
Jason works with companies across the globe to strengthen the experience they provide their users and clients. With years of hands-on experience with Dynamics 365, coupled with real-world business experience, Jason understands how today’s modern technology can help project-based businesses overcome challenges and become more profitable.
Photo of Dave Sigler
David Sigler
Principal Consultant
Over nearly 30 years, Dave has held the titles of field service tech, project manager, and field service engineer before shifting his focus to the technology that makes field service operations more effective.
Jackie Simens Velosio
Jackie Simens
CE Consulting Manager
A technology solution is only as good as the people who use it. Jackie’s passion is ensuring your team members love the solutions you put in place and quickly adopt new processes.

The State of Field Service 2023

Get a Strategic View of Field Service

One thing field service leaders can be certain of is uncertainty. We set out to shed some light on the near-term future by conducting a comprehensive survey of over two hundred leaders in field service operations around the U.S. to see whether there was consensus on how field service teams should position themselves for success in the years ahead.

Read the results and an analysis by our field service experts.

Operational Maturity Survey

Take our five-question survey on field service operational maturity to see where you stack up against your peers across 5 domains. You'll receive a customized report with recommendations that will help you move to the next level.

Build Efficiencies That Matter

Streamline Customer and Contract Management

Provide a real-time, 360 degree view of your customer history and contracts to every member of your team.

line are of road and clock

Optimize Scheduling

Efficiently and automatically schedule resources based on skills, location, inventory, and availability.

Improve Inventory Control

Gain visibility to your inventory levels and assets across multiple locations.

line art of cloud and tablet

Increase Mobile Productivity

Provide on or offline work order visibility and insights on any mobile device.

line art of computer with data

Prevent and Predict Issues

Detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely with IoT connected devices.

Better Decisions Driven by Data

Access KPI dashboards for better decision making in real-time.

Three Steps to Success

Step One: Assess Your Current Operations

Step Two: Assessing a Path Forward

Step Three: Assessing the Solution to Propel Your Success

AtriCure Builds a Unique Medical Device Management Solution With D365 Field Service

A publicly traded and heavily regulated company, AtriCure needed to modernize paper-driven device inventory, history, service, and maintenance records with a digitally driven, traceable process. Learn how Velosio worked with AtriCure to help built a unique solution with D365 Field Service.

“Velosio is excellent at consulting, configuration, looking at individual pieces, pivoting, and collaborating with us on ‘if this, then that’ scenarios. The level of expertise on the consulting side is a huge differentiator for Velosio, coupled with their experience in medical devices. It’s a good partnership.”

– Shelly Bramer, Director of Enterprise Applications, AtriCure

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