Accelerate Customer Journeys by Collaborating More Efficiently.

For sales and marketing, it’s all about understanding customers better so both teams can work together to generate higher-quality leads and close more deals faster.

The key is to establish tight connections between sales and marketing processes and integrate data so it’s easier to collaborate and increase productivity. Both teams also need strong digital and analytic capabilities not only to make quick and accurate decisions—but also to prove the impact of their programs on the success of the company. Putting it all together makes for much smoother journeys as prospects transition into repeat customers.

More Customer Time = More Revenue

By enabling your teams to focus more time on prospects and customers, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Experience platform helps establish deeper relationships and build personal experiences at every touchpoint to drive more revenue for your company.  

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Enhance Customer Experiences

Sync messaging across buying journeys and create touchpoints that convert customers into fans of your products and services.

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Drive Demand and Revenue

Deploy digital strategies to increase awareness while also integrating processes to qualify prospects and close more opportunities.

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Build Meaningful Relationships

Demonstrate your awareness of customer challenges and proactively offer solutions that meet their needs.

Increase Market Share and Brand Value

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Experience platform enables you to enhance customer Experiences by offering fully integrated solutions that provide you with a single source of truth—complete 360-degree views of prospects, customers, orders, vendors, and other vital information for your marketing and sales processes.

Your teams can then make data-driven decisions based on customer buying habits to accelerate marketing and sales processes. They can also develop and nurture journeys to customize messages based on prospect actions. And with a complete set of digital tools, Marketing and Sales can better manage your e-commerce, customer acquisition, upsell, and cross-sell processes. They can also measure and increase market share and brand value.

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