Expect More From Your Data with Power BI

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence solution delivered through Excel, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Taking your company’s data, Power BI aggregates all the key data points for analysis in order to create intuitive and visually appealing dashboards and reports without having to sacrifice power and drilldown capabilities.

A part of the Microsoft Cloud family, Power BI is optimized for cloud and mobile activity with a flexible, subscription-based pricing model. You will be able to analyze and visualize data, uncover insights and track data over time to help you make key business decisions. Power BI’s intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to transform, shape and merge your data into compelling and interactive reports where you can drilldown even further into certain sets of data to reveal even more insights.

What Microsoft PowerBI Can Do For You

Quick Decisions

  • Monitor your data at a glance to make critical decisions quickly

Mobile Optimized

  • Access reports from wherever you are on any device

Central Hub

  • Import business data from any source – online or on-premise

Universal View

  • View all your business data in one place, on one screen

Interactive Data

  • Build reports and dashboards that you can drilldown into


  • Share important reports easily through the Microsoft Cloud

Take Power BI for a Spin

Click through this interactive demo of Microsoft Power BI to discover some of its powerful capabilities. Drilldown into reports and determine what key business decisions you can make from the interactive reports and dashboards.

Click here for demo.