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Deploy chatbots anywhere, from Power Apps to web-based chat

The Microsoft Power Platform provides a variety of avenues to help you maximize the value of your technology investment and Power Virtual Agents are no exception.  With the rising popularity of AI, there has been a steady increase in demand for bots, AI-based computer programs, developed to create a natural communication over digital media.

With Power Virtual Agents, you can have custom, intelligent chatbots up and running quickly, whether you’re a seasoned developer or an ambitious “citizen developer”.  You can choose to embed chatbots wherever your organization engages with customers, such as on your website, mobile apps, and dozens of other channels.

Virtual Agent Development Services

Being able to create chatbots as a citizen developer and electing to do so are two different things.  Any communication with clients, prospects and other stakeholders should be thought through, carefully developed and tested thoroughly before launching.  The Velosio Power Platform team has years of experience developing customer-facing solutions and has the technical, business and methodology expertise your organization can depend on.

Our team members are experts in the Microsoft Power Platform and other critical components of the Microsoft Azure stack, including Common Data Services that form the foundation for data connectivity within the Power Platform.

We can help you take advantage of a variety of benefits that come from Microsoft Power Virtual Agents:

Simple graphical interface enabling developers of all levels to build chatbots

Out-of-the-box integration with Power Automate for access to hundreds of prebuilt connectors

Effective construction equipment management software

Extensibility to Azure Bot Service for building out advanced and customized scenarios

Easy-to-read dashboard with AI-driven insights to monitor chatbot performance

Modules in Microsoft Teams for Power Virtual Agents tutorials and advice.

Virtual Agents for Improved Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

A chatbot is a powerful addition to a wide range of businesses. From e-commerce platforms to healthcare providers and restaurants, virtual agents create a self-service experience for customer interactions, allowing you to control every step of the process and make sure it’s a good one. These virtual assistants can help you create a faster experience with less labor required and no frustrating hold times for the customer. They’re also a great way to free up your customer service representatives to tackle more complex problems rather than answering basic questions that a chatbot can handle.

Making Sound Decisions About the Cloud

Is a cloud strategy right for your business? If so, when? Technology decisions today are more than technology decisions. Learn about the economics of migrating to the cloud in our white paper on cloud computing. Resource management, business agility, flexibility for growth, operational costs, financial accounting, and company valuation are all considerations that will be explored.

Working With Velosio for Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Velosio is a trusted provider of the Microsoft Power Platform, with a vast team of experts on hand for fast, customized implementation. While Power Virtual Agents are simple to set up, we can help in that area, too. Our staff has plenty of experience in creating cultivated customer-facing systems.

To learn more about Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, reach out to a skilled representative today!

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