Pairing SQL Server 2012 with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Easier Reliability

Ensuring that Microsoft Dynamics AX is running reliably is no small feat. With the release of SQL Server 2012, it just got a bit easier. With the SQL Server AlwaysOn technology that has been added, it is far easier to ensure that your ERP system is always available. In the past, you had to ensure that you had a spare SQL Server running as a passive node sitting there waiting in case the primary server decided not to show up to work. This resulted in a very expensive structure that was only partially utilized. Now with the latest release, you can take advantage of that spare by having dual SQL servers that can run on separate SQL Nodes. This allows you to use the spare SQL servers computing power, but still remain protected from a database failure. If you are ready to upgrade to this pairing or would like to find out how you can benefit from this and many other features offered by Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, please contact us.

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