New Video Release: Using Lifecycle Services to Streamline Provisioning and Support in Dynamics AX (2 min 39 sec)

This brief video demonstration is for current and prospective Microsoft Dynamics AX customers seeking an enterprise solution with quick deployment and streamlined support.

Deploying enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, especially at the enterprise level, are often times complicated and lengthy. Fortunately, when you implement Microsoft Dynamics AX with Microsoft Lifecycle Services (LCS), the process is expedited. Lifecycle Services create a central portal for your team, Microsoft and SBS Group to work together to implement Dynamics AX. Also, there is an easily accessible search bar for you to find support questions and hotfixes. With LCS, your Dynamics AX implementation is in your hands, with some help from SBS Group, and you control the deployment environment.

Watch as a Dynamics AX expert guides you through the streamlined provisioning and support features available while using Lifecycle Services on AX.

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