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Grow Your Business with Business Intelligence and Analytics Insights

Automation has increased the amount of data available to businesses. The volume of data increases even more when separate systems get connected. The question becomes how to access relevant data in the sea of information, how to synthesize and analyze it, and how to derive reportable business insights from it.

Businesses that analyze key variables across functions and highlight key findings in reports and dashboards get a better understanding of trends across their business. From accounting to logistics to consumer behavior – these insights can help to better serve your customers and grow the bottom line.

Using business intelligence and analytics with the flexibility afforded by a scalable cloud solution can give any size business deep insights and meaningful reports that were once only available to vast enterprises.

With these cloud-based tools, you can:

  • Integrate reporting using both financial and non-financial data
  • Leverage data from across multiple platforms into your reports and dashboards
  • Reduce the time spent on managing reports, budgets, and forecasts by allowing users to access dynamic reports that were filtered based on their data access permissions
  • Drastically reduce the amount of undetected errors in reports, budgets and forecasts
  • Create a collaborative environment that allows department leaders to extract actionable insights
  • Automate the creation of financial and KPI reports

Why Velosio for Reporting

Manual reporting processes are time-consuming and error prone. Automated reporting solutions integrate data from multiple sources, provide employees a single data repository and access to dynamic reporting packages to create ad-hoc reports, and support the needs of employees in multiple locations. All this is possible with a cloud-based reporting solution.

Velosio can work with you to make it easier to analyze your data and define the types of reports and dashboards that would be most beneficial to your business. Velosio can also assist you in determining which reporting tools provide the functionality your business needs. Streamline your financial budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, to provide analysis and visibility of important operational data. With Velosio, you can go from being reactive to becoming a strategic business partner across your organization.