2 Hours and 2 Days to Guaranteed CRM Success

Of the top two CRM choices (according to Gartner), Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is more flexible and lower cost. And based on our more than 30 years of CRM experience, Velosio SalesExpedite can get you up and going with a successful Dynamics 365 for Sales implementation with less investment in time and cost than any competing solution.

SalesExpedite Dynamics 365 for Sales Implementation Method

SalesExpedite provides a fast, cost-effective method to get your company up and running with Dynamics 365 for Sales. SalesExpedite streamlines your Dynamics 365 for Sales implementation by focusing on the most critical components first; those that make your sales team immediately more productive. Web-based wizards are in place to tailor your deployment without expensive and time-consuming customizations. We will customize core entities, like Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts and Cases. And, we’ll set up your user profiles and provide access to built-in video training to ensure your team will be productive with Dynamics 365 for Sales almost immediately.

When you are ready to expand and take advantage of more advanced capabilities, Velosio is there to enhance and extend your Dynamics 365 system wherever you want it to go.

Download the PDF to learn how Velosio’s SalesExpedite customized Dynamics 365 for Sales implementation can help you business begin profiting from CRM almost immediately.