Velosio Launches Digital NEXT Roadmap Offer

Velosio announced today the launch of a new offering—the Digital NEXT Roadmap to help clients capitalize on digital advancement opportunities.

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    Enterprise-level digital transformation strategy, planning and implementation for mid-market companies.

    COLUMBUS, OH, July 11, 2022 —Velosio announced today it has launched a new offering—the Digital NEXT Roadmap to help clients capitalize on digital advancement opportunities. The structured and strategic solution streamlines technology upgrades to drive business-process optimizations by taking a proactive approach to delivering a deeper and more detailed discovery cycle—with expert guidance to envision and achieve the required technological enhancements.

    We launched the Digital NEXT Roadmap for companies focused on digital innovations to create intellectual property,” says Keith Goedde, vice president, cloud strategy. “Our solution helps leverage next-generation technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and blockchain as businesses turn to digital advancements and data insights to level the economic playing field, reduce competitive barriers, and keep up with modern application trends.”

    Clients utilizing the Digital NEXT Roadmap receive a detailed deliverable that includes planned phases for deployment and innovation, along with a foundation for utilizing best-in-class technologies to improve business-related outcomes:

    • Better efficiency through workforce enablement
    • Increased productivity, flexibility, and operational agility
    • Improved customer experiences
    • Expanded competitive advantages
    • Higher level of digital asset security
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Impactful and insightful data analytics and intelligence

    A 4-Phased Approach to Digital Transformation

    The Velosio Digital NEXT Roadmap consists of four distinct phases designed to envision and effectively progress along a company’s digital transformation journey:

    1. Envisioning Workshops & Documentation
    2. Business Value Assessment
    3. Phased Solution Assessment
    4. Master Project Plan

    Within the Envisioning Workshops & Documentation phase, the Discovery stage creates scenarios that serve as the blueprint for the next steps in the process. Velosio facilitators use design-thinking concepts to help business decision-makers establish the primary goal for the project—with an approach that encourages thinking beyond simply making existing processes more efficient.

    During the Business Value Assessment, workshop facilitators use value-selling concepts to help the decision-makers establish the primary goal for the project. This approach expands on the use-cases documented in the Discovery stage.

    The Business Value Assessment phase then documents future-state implementations of technologies, services, and process reengineering. This is followed by the Master Project Plan, which develops a benefits-driven project plan and timeline—cross-functionally incorporating multiple deployments and innovations.

    Digital transformation powered by our Digital NEXT Roadmap integrates all areas of a business in a way that results in positive, fundamental change,” says Ryhaan Gill, director of digital transformation at Velosio. “You aren’t likely to find a large enterprise that doesn’t have fully-planned strategy for digital transformation, but mid-market companies are more likely to tackle technology evolution on a more reactive scale.  The Digital NEXT Roadmap was created to bridge that gap and help our mid-market clients align investments with their long-term business strategy.”

    Consume Technologies in a Cost-Effective and Structured Manner

    By providing digital transformation advisory support during Digital NEXT Roadmap engagements, Velosio serves as a strategic extension of customer organizations. Collaborating with Velosio, customers gain a clear view into what it takes to modernize their digital landscape.

    Customers also benefit from better long-term forecasting of technology, employee, and customer needs and the ability to measure the projected benefits. With a phased delivery of new implementations, end-users can more effectively consume new technologies in a cost-effective and structured manner.


    About Velosio

    Velosio is a leader in deploying business applications through the cloud and delivering unparalleled client experiences. One of the largest Microsoft partners in North America, Velosio supports the entire Microsoft Dynamics portfolio, Microsoft 365 family and Azure services. The solutions portfolio includes ERP, CRM, Productivity, Business Intelligence and Power Platform, and extends to NetSuite and Sage. As the only Microsoft Cloud Distributor that specializes in Dynamics 365, Velosio also provides licensing and support to hundreds of growing Microsoft partners throughout North America. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Velosio serves over 4,000 clients throughout the US and Canada.


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