Top 8 Dynamics GP 2018 Workflow Enhancements

In this article, you will learn the top eight Dynamics GP 2018 workflow enhancements and see these updates in action.

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    Many clients are excited by the enhancements that Microsoft has made to Dynamics GP 2018, and for good reason. Whether you’re using Dynamics GP 2016 R2 or Dynamics GP 2013, you’re going to want to update to Microsoft’s new version. This is particularly true if you’re still using Dynamics GP 2013, which will stop receiving mainstream updates this month. If you’re thinking about upgrading, here are the top eight Dynamics GP 2018 workflow enhancements:

    Reminder Emails for Workflow

    In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, there is an option for sending workflow reminder emails to all users that have pending workflow transactions. This option for workflow reminders is available under every step in a workflow in the maintenance window. If a user has, say, eight hours to approve a workflow task, this feature can be set so that users will get a reminder email when there is just an hour remaining.

    Copy Workflow Steps

    Another new workflow enhancement is the ability to copy workflow steps from one workflow to another. However, both workflows need to be of the same type for this new feature to work.

    Reporting for Workflow

    There is a Workflow Transaction History Detail report feature that users can put to use in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. Users can sort by Due Date, Workflow Type, Completion Date, or Workflow User. The user can also add restrictions or add workflow comments to the report.

    General Ledger Account Workflow Approval

    Another workflow enhancement is the addition of a new workflow, which is called General Ledger Account Approval. This workflow offers users an approval process for editing or adding posting accounts. An account that is rejected or pending approval can’t be posted against. Users can go to the Administration navigation pane, which is located under setup, to access Workflow Maintenance.

    Purchase Receiving Workflow (PO Invoices)

    The Receivable Transaction Approval is another new workflow in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. The purpose of this workflow is to purchase any receiving transactions. This workflow can also be accessed from the Administration navigation pane. This workflow gives users the ability to define workflows for shipment/invoice receipts and shipment receipts.

    Purchase Enter/Match Invoice Workflow

    Yet another new workflow is the Purchasing Invoice Approval. This workflow is intended for purchase enter/match invoice approvals. This workflow can be found under the Administration navigation pane.

    Payables, Purchase Order, and EFT Bank Detail

    Additional vendor fields have been added to the Payables Transaction Approval workflow. These additional vendor fields show up when the user marks the “Display extended field list” option. This option is found in the window for Workflow Condition Editor. The blue arrow located under Condition in the window for Workflow Maintenance can be used to access the window for the Workflow Condition Editor.

    Project Accounting Improvements in Workflow

    The Expense Reports and the Project Time & Expense Timesheets are able to be approved through the Workflow Assignment email. Users can now have emails sent to approvers if there exists a transaction line that could put a project over when it comes to its budget indicated on the Expense or Timesheet.

    This can be setup in Employee Expense or Timesheets. The settings for Timesheet setup are located under Project. Just click Setup and then navigate to Timesheet. Press the Options to set up this email notification. The Employee Expense Setting can also be found under Setup.

    As you can see, many worthwhile changes and enhancements have been made to the workflow functionality in Dynamics GP 2018. To learn more, view our “What’s New in Dynamics GP 2018?” on-demand webcast below: