Navigating the Transition: Dynamics SL 2018’s Move from Mainstream to Extended Support in January 2024

Stay up to date on this crucial phase for businesses transitioning from Mainstream to Extended Support for Dynamics SL 2018.

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    The lifecycle of software is a critical aspect for businesses relying on technology solutions like Microsoft Dynamics SL. With Dynamics SL 2018 transitioning from Mainstream Support to Extended Support in January 2024, it’s essential for users to understand what this change entails and how it impacts their business operations. This shift marks a significant milestone in the Fixed Lifecycle Policy of Microsoft’s products. 

    Understanding the Fixed Lifecycle Policy

    The Fixed Lifecycle Policy is a commitment by Microsoft to provide a predictable and transparent support roadmap for their products. It includes: 

    • A defined support timeline from product launch. 
    • A minimum of five years of Mainstream Support. 
    • An additional period of Extended Support for eligible products. 

    Mainstream Support: What It Entails

    During the Mainstream Support phase, Dynamics SL users enjoy several benefits including: 

    • Incident support (various forms including no-charge, paid, and warranty claims). 
    • Security update support. 
    • Ability to request non-security updates. 

    Transition to Extended Support

    As Dynamics SL 2018 enters Extended Support in January 2024, users will experience changes in the available support services. Extended Support includes: 

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    • Paid support options. 
    • Continued availability of security updates at no extra cost. 
    • No new feature requests or design change requests. 

    A Visual Overview of the Microsoft Fixed Lifecycle Policy

    A Visual Overview of the Microsoft Fixed Lifecycle Policy

    Implications for Dynamics SL 2018 Users

    With the end of Mainstream Support, Dynamics SL 2018 users should be aware that: 

    • Non-security updates will no longer be available. 
    • To receive ongoing support, updating to the latest Service Pack may be necessary. 
    • Microsoft emphasizes the importance of installing the latest security updates and product releases for enhanced security. 

    Enhanced Security and the Role of Updates

    Security remains a paramount concern, and Microsoft encourages the installation of the latest updates for optimal protection. However, older products might not meet current stringent security requirements, and in some cases, Microsoft may not provide updates for these older versions. 

    Beyond Extended Support

    Post July 11, 2028, when Extended Support for Dynamics SL 2018 ends, options are limited. Microsoft offers the Extended Security Update Program for certain products, which provides security updates beyond the official support period. 

    Final Thoughts

    The transition from Mainstream to Extended Support for Dynamics SL 2018 is a crucial phase for businesses. Staying informed and preparing for these changes ensures that your operations continue smoothly and securely. Regularly consulting Microsoft’s Lifecycle product search and keeping abreast of the latest updates will help in leveraging the full potential of Dynamics SL 2018 throughout its lifecycle. 

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