Payroll Posting Accounts in GP 2016

Ready to Upgrade?Among the many new features in 2016’s edition of Dynamics GP are several enhancements to the way payroll can be handled. In the HR and Payroll module there is a newly designed NavList called Payroll Posting Accounts, which offers several options for customizing and filtering payroll data. This list will show all posting accounts set up for payroll, allowing them to be sorted by account type, payroll code, department, or several other options.

Within the list several filters can be employed, such as sorting by gross pay or federal tax. New accounts are also easily added to the NavList, allowing easier updating and decreasing wait time for data to be brought up to speed.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the Payroll Posting Accounts NavList is its integrated Excel functionality. The NavList is exportable to Excel, allowing for edits to be made to fields like company info, account type, or other fields. This Excel document can then be imported back in to GP and the information will be updated to reflect your changes, overwriting the previous info in the system. Should any errors be made while adding or editing info in Excel, the import back in to GP will not complete, instead producing an error report.

By making payroll easier to sort, track, and edit, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 continues to be on the cutting edge for business solutions.

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