Integrating ERP and CRM Software is Worth the Effort, according to new white paper

Velosio summarizes a white page article written by Alesa Lightbourne. The article discusses if implementing ERP and CRM is worth the risk.

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    According to a new white paper written by Alesa Lightbourne, Ph.D. and published by Socius, the benefits outweigh the risks of integrating ERP and CRM software applications for most mid-sized businesses.

    The white paper entitled, “Integrating Your ERP and CRM: Worth the Trouble?” provides an honest appraisal of the many drawbacks and potential pit-falls to integrating two business management systems that many organizations have adopted independently for very different reasons. On the flip side, it also highlights the many benefits that can be gained through a successful integration, including a significant return-on-investment.

    The white paper cites industry analysts and researchers as well as business executives who have successfully integrated their solutions and are reaping the anticipated benefits. Both Neundorfer, a clean technologies company near Cleveland, Ohio, and Divisions, Inc., a facilities management company outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, are featured in the paper as examples of organizations that have streamlined business processes and financially benefited from their software integration projects.

    “Integrating Your ERP and CRM: Worth the Trouble?” is available for a no-cost download via Socius’ website at  From that page, you can also read extended case studies for both Neundorfer and Divisions as well as view a testimonial video of how Neundorfer is leveraging their integration solution to improve the day-to-day operations of their business.