How 2 Orchid Growers Improved Inventory and Grew Their Businesses

Agriware brings together disparate company information that growers need to get a grip on their operations, especially when challenged with distance, multiple facility operations, large inventory, and a constant need for sales and customer account monitoring. Here are two cases showing how it works, delivering critical management control in challenging business scenarios.

Consolidated Information for a Global View

SO Natural was not a small time orchid company. It was a full-fledged corporate system engaged in one of the biggest orchid markets globally, selling 10 million plants annually via four different business entities. The company had found through trial and error, and costly mistakes, that manual use of spreadsheets was not providing a clear picture of status, control and sufficient accuracy for management decisions. Instead, the company was losing time and resources spent on correcting repeat issues of human input or calculation error. SO Natural needed automated analytics that provided an integration of all of its financial activities in a “dashboard” approach.

The solution for SO Natural was to leverage Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s flexible interface to combine the files of SO Natural with their acquisition, Delta Orchids, as well as make sense of the various spreadsheet systems already in play. Additionally, an Agriware tool was created that fit SO Natural’s nursery operations versus trying to make the business data fit a generic model. Finally, a CRM tool was added to enhance customer communications as well as remove some of the redundancies in the payment processing of orders and demand data.

The results provided SO Natural the “dashboard” view its management was looking for, mapping 4 locations and 45 acres of greenhouse and distribution space utilization. With automated tracking of inventory and orders across the company, SO Natural now had a firm grip on its resources, the ordering process and the related invoicing that brought in the revenue stream.

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Information Clarity Needed for Growth

Maarel was a company in the midst of a business growth phase where current status and business position data needed to be distributed to managers as quickly as possible on a regular basis. Visibility across the company was critical for turnaround decisions in each area. Geographically, the company had to organize its information between two locations and a combined resource grid of 25 acres. Maarel staff had been using manual input/output CRM systems that were not distinctly tied to the nuances of the orchid industry, creating more work and challenges in trying to make the company’s data fit the system versus the other way around. Sales data, financial data and delivery information were disparate and had to be manually merged for reporting. The company needed a consolidated solution that delivered timely total data faster and more reliably.

The solution involved the use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a targeted focus on integrated business process delivery for accounting, payment processing, sales, and marketing. By using IS Agriware, the order processing became automated, immediately providing behavior trending reports, faster sales data, and cross-company information. Additionally, an integrated CRM module with Advanced Quotation Management allowed automated customer and vendor tracking to enhance relationship knowledge with the latest sales and market data.

Maaral was able to see across its entire company and financial systems as necessary and on a regular basis. They could make changes as needed allowing customer demand to remain their top priority versus data administration. The company expanded, solidified its growth, and was able to successfully expand again in a second phase without any strain on their data management solution.

 Read their full case study

Agriware allows a company to mitigate risks with enhanced internal information sharing. It is designed to work for growers, allowing companies to focus on what the do best and produce sales, not struggle with data and managing network systems. Find out more and how to boost your company’s profit line today.

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