Hot Topics from Cultivate ’18: Greenhouse Grower Community is Abuzz About Microsoft

We participated in Cultivate ’18 last month, and found that it certainly is as advertised: “where it all comes together”! Horticulture professionals and Growers from all segments of the industry attended, and we met lots of folks! I would say the biggest buzz at the Cultivate 2018 show is as follows:

1. Growers, as a whole, are frustrated with their current systems

We heard this a lot. Growers are either using a tool for production, that doesn’t talk to their back office accounting system (typically QuickBooks), or they think they like their system, but tell us it takes an hour to enter an order, and they have three spreadsheets open while they scream to each other on the floor to determine inventory. Sound familiar? Learn more about this in the short video we filmed at Cultivate.

Cultivate 2018

2. Excitement that Microsoft, a huge, mainstream tech provider, has a grower solution

In the past, there were only 4-5 small providers with grower solutions – each with only 130 or so customers. We met with lots of growers who are thrilled that there’s now a mainstream solution from Microsoft (Microsoft Dynamics NAV + Agriware). Microsoft Dynamics NAV is currently used by over 140,000 customers who are constantly shaping the direction of the product. Better yet, it’s integrated with Microsoft Office, which means you can instantly view order updates without leaving Microsoft Outlook, and gain access to cool tools like Power BI.

3. Tell me more about Velosio

A lot of the companies we met with want to know more about Velosio, so here’s the pitch:

Velosio supports more greenhouse growers than any other Microsoft partner in North America with the combined power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrated with the leading industry solution: Agriware. Our scalable solution is built around the demands of the grower lifecycle and accomplishes what other solutions miss: an end-to-end view bringing together the four critical components of successful operation – time, space, labor and materials. Microsoft Dynamics + Agriware makes the perfect horticulture software solution for the sales, operational, supply chain, distribution and greenhouse analytics needs of your business.

We’d love to tell you more. Don’t miss our upcoming webcast: Boosting Collaboration, Productivity and Revenue with O365.

Best regards,

Todd Waterman
Industry Manager, Agribusiness, Velosio

About Todd
Todd Waterman has spent over 17 years in IT for Agribusiness, including at his own consulting firm, and as Chief Administration Officer for EuroAmerican Propogators in California. From start-ups to enterprise-class organizations, his knowledge of the agribusiness ecosystem and products helps Velosio customers Todd Watermanmaximize ROI on technology investments.

Today, Todd serves Velosio customers in his role as Industry Manager for Agribusiness. Todd is based in sunny California, and received his BA from San Diego State University in San Diego, California.