2024 Release Wave 1 Highlights: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights integrates marketing and data for personalized customer understanding and AI-driven insights.

Jason Wietharn

Practice Director, Customer Engagement

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    Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Unifies Marketing and Data for Enhanced Customer Experiences

    Dynamics 365 Marketing and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights are now available as a unified product known as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. The separate applications will be rebranded as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights-Journeys and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights-Data.

    To help your business leverage the capabilities of Customer Insights to harness data and enhance customer journeys, here are the highlights of new capabilities each solution will deliver between April and September as part of the 2024 Release Wave 1:

    Dynamics 365 Customer Insights-Data

    Customer Insights-Data unifies customer profiles from various data sources, enriches them with Microsoft data assets, and then creates AI-driven predictions, segments, and measures. This enables a deeper understanding of customers by providing a holistic, up-to-date view, along with insights.

    You can activate data unification across channels, departments, and devices to deliver personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint. In the 2024 Release Wave 1, Microsoft is revolutionizing data exploration with the generative artificial intelligence capabilities of Copilot, which is embedded into Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

    Microsoft has focused Wave 1 on improving Customer Insights-Data in two key areas:

    • Streamlining data ingestion. To transform disparate customer data into actionable insights, Customer Insights unifies data across the organization to create a comprehensive view of every customer. This allows marketing and sales teams to deliver personalized experiences and improve their understanding of customers by deriving insights from marketing interactions.
    • Personalizing data in real time. Sales and marketing teams can individualize customer experiences and personalize touchpoints based on real-time customer engagements to improve conversion rates and strengthen relationships. This capability is driven by automated segment updates and web tracking.

    By revealing insights and identifying potential audiences (within seconds), these capabilities allow sales and marketing teams to focus less on data integration—and more time on creating value and predicting what customers will need.

    Dynamics 365 Customer Insights-Journeys

    The Dynamics 365 Customer Insights-Journeys application brings together customer experiences, generative AI, and marketing automation. This combination lets businesses orchestrate end-to-end, personalized journeys across touchpoints to earn loyalty.

    For Journeys, Wave 1 key enhancements for Customer Insights-Journeys focus on two areas:

    • Engaging customers in moments that matter. Microsoft is introducing new ways to reach customers and is increasing the scale and throughput of Customer Insights so businesses can connect with customers at exactly the right time. Wave 1 features will make it easier to measure success and evaluate how well interactions hit the mark. You can also get insights into customer expectations and identify the most effective channels to trigger interactions that engage customers.
    • Unifying sales and marketing teams. Customer Insights fosters collaboration between sales and marketing teams so they can stop working in silo databases, eliminate execution gaps, and remove redundancies. More granular lead qualification helps both teams maximize the opportunity pipeline and increase win rates by addressing leads when they’re most likely to buy.

    The generative artificial intelligence (AI) of Microsoft Copilot—embedded into Customer Insights—can transform the productivity of your marketing and sales teams. As they specify the outcomes to drive, Copilot leverages the power of data to generate audiences, content, images, and journeys. This allows your business to curate, edit, and launch campaigns quickly.

    Orchestrating Personal Customer Journeys

    Dynamics 365 Customer Insights allows you to deliver the digital and in-person experiences that customers demand throughout their purchase journey. By analyzing a large amount of data, you can gain a deep understanding of customers to deliver seamless experiences at every touchpoint. You can also better align sales and marketing activities to orchestrate personalized journeys across the customer lifecycle.

    To help you navigate all the 2024 Release Wave 1 enhancements of Dynamics Customer Insights, Velosio is here to help. We are among the largest and most recognized Microsoft Dynamics partners, with thousands of active customers. Many years as a recognized leader in ERP, CRM, cloud productivity, and business intelligence solutions have repeatedly landed us in the top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics Partners worldwide.

    We will be glad to advise you on when each Customer Insight Service enhancement will be available, which enhancements make sense for your environment, and how to sync them with the functions you already rely on. Contact us today to learn more.

    Jason Wietharn

    Practice Director, Customer Engagement

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