Dynamics GP currency ID error

Microsoft Dynamics GP: What Does “Currency ID Is Not Selected for This Posting Account” Message Mean?

Have you encountered a message stating “The currency ID is not selected for this posting account” in the Microsoft Dynamics GP General Posting window? This message may appear to indicate that the General Ledger Account directly above the message is missing the currency association as shown below. In actuality, the message is simply stating that…

New Dynamics GP 2018 Features: One Payment Per

The list of new Dynamics GP 2018 features continues to grow — Payables Management introduces new ways to process payments giving users better options and an enhanced user experience. The “One Payment Per” field has been added to Dynamics GP 2018 providing users a new vendor payment option. The field drops down, enabling users to select One…

User Experience Updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Since the roll out of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, there has been a lot to discover with this unique enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Users asked for improved features and an enhanced user experience, and it was delivered with this latest software release. Here are a few of our favorite Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 features…

Dynamics GP 2018 Upgrade Planning

Is it time? Yes, it is Time! Dynamics GP 2018 release is December 2017 and it is time to, “Start Planning your Upgrade.” Planning your upgrade now helps you budget the cost for 2018, gives you time for planning and allows you time to line up the best resources for a smooth transition. In addition, especially, if you are on Dynamics GP…

Dynamics GP Vendor Navigation List

Dynamics GP Navigation List is a useful tool to access and perform many functions within Dynamics GP. In other words, it’s like one-stop-shopping. Utilizing it’s features allows you quick access to windows, reports, workflow and data in the system. Even mass update of records. In this documented scenario we will step through the process of placing vendors on…

What are Analysis Cubes and why do you need them?

What are Analysis Cubes and why do you need them? Analysis Cubes for Excel is an ad hoc reporting tool that comes out of the box with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Unlike other reporting tools the cubes require minimal set up effort and can provide instantaneous value. Users can quickly and easily access system data through…

Company Financial Data Doesn’t Appear in Management Reporter 2012

A multi-company client recently encountered a situation where a newly created company produced no data in their consolidated financials. The resolution lies in the way the Account Segments were named in the Account Format Setup window. In this particular company, the GL Account segment name was abbreviated: Note in the first image that ‘GL Account’…

Enhanced Collaboration in Management Reporter

Collaboration in Management Reporter is both simple and powerful, providing cross company data sharing with minimal effort.  Besides the ability to share building blocks across the organization so that report modifications flow through the entire entity, many collaborative functions are contained within the Report Viewer portion of the application.  The Report Viewer program is the…

Excel Cube Functions: Exclude a Single Member from a Set

I’ve talked previously about how one can use MDX to create sophisticated cube sets in Excel, but I was recently stumped by a questions from one of my clients. The question seemed simple enough (“How do I create a cube set that includes all of my customers except one that I identify?”) but the best…