8 Questions to Ask Yourself when Considering an ERP or CRM Upgrade

There are numerous reasons why you should upgrade your ERP or CRM software solution, including:

  • To take advantage of new functionality and product enhancements
  • To remain on a supported version of your software in order to receive updates and assistance when needed
  • To maintain your investment in your mission-critical business applications

If an upgrade seems like a good move for your organization, here are some questions you should ask yourself before you get started:

  1. When can my organization afford system down time in order to do the upgrade?
  2. Will we do a test upgrade or risk a failed upgrade?
  3. What hardware upgrades would be required or advantageous in preparation for the upgrade?
    • Is now a good time to upgrade my server?
    • Do my workstations meet the solution’s supported configuration?
    • Should I upgrade SQL Server?
    • Should I upgrade from 32 Bit to 64 Bit?
  4. What inefficient or legacy functionality can we replace by upgrading?
  5. What effect will this upgrade have on my 3rd party modules, and are we prepared to deal with the consequences?
  6. How will this upgrade affect our user security?
  7. What custom code, integrations, and reporting will need to be upgraded at the same time?
  8. Have we budgeted for:
    • Consulting services for planning, upgrade preparation, test upgrade, production upgrade, post-upgrade training & support?
    • Hardware and/or SQL moves or upgrades?
    • Customizations?
    • Post-upgrade projects ?

If you would like help assessing your readiness for an upgrade or you feel ready to start the upgrade process on your current ERP or CRM software solution, we are ready to help!

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