6 Ways to Achieve More with SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint has a reputation of frustration and difficulty for those not well-versed with the product. Microsoft has been making notable progress with increased flexibility and easier use of SharePoint 2013.

“One of SharePoint’s biggest strengths is that it’s extremely malleable; it can be a social collaboration platform, a portal for shared resources, a launch pad for enterprise apps, the backbone for websites, and much more.”

Here are a few ways to get the most out of your SharePoint 2013 experience:

    1. Careful Planning:

SharePoint can integrate with many other products. Make sure that the resources needed to integrate with, and utilize in SharePoint are operating correctly. With so many options, it’s important to have a detailed deployment strategy in place.

    2. Yammer:

One of the features integrated in SharePoint is the social media enterprise, Yammer. With SharePoint primarily focusing on document management, Yammer is the (convenient) social layer.

    3. Know Your Limits:

Along with planning for all of the new features and capabilities of SharePoint 2013, make sure that your organization (and IT team) is not overextended and wasting time with useless functions. Know what tools are necessary to your specific needs and plan their use accordingly.

    4. Upgrades Over 2010:

Some of the new enhancements include activity-tracking, enhanced search, HTML 5 support, and perhaps the most exciting, the app marketplace.

    5. SharePoint in the Cloud:

This is the first SharePoint product fully in the cloud, which will “…lower infrastructure costs and improve agility…”

    6. Third Party Solutions:

To tailor all the features and functions of SharePoint 2013 specifically to your organization, third party solutions may be the best way to customize. The app marketplace is making these customizations easier and more flexible.

SharePoint 2013 has numerous new features, with Microsoft focusing on easy user application. SBS Group can get your organization on SharePoint in 2 weeks with our SharePoint Up in 2 program.