5 Signs that Your CRM System isn’t Cutting It

When CRM use is optimized, sales reps will be able to achieve great things for your organization. What happens when that's not the case?

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    In its early days, what we called CRM was truly just a glorified contact management system – a simple way to manage contacts, accounts and opportunities. Sales reps today need a more integrated approach to enable a more streamlines, success sales process.

    Organizations that are still using these older systems, or are using new solutions but with out-dated, limited views of their capabilities, are missing out on a tremendous amount of potential that modern CRM solutions that are used to their full potential can provide.

    If your CRM system is lacking these 5 functions, then it’s time to consider an upgrade:

    1. A warm introduction application utilizes the power of social media connections to clearly determine direct paths to prospects and customers. When you can look in CRM and see that a prospect went to college with one of your fellow employees, for example, stronger connections can be made when reaching out to customers, increasing the chance for a sale.
    2. An easy to use performance dashboard provides a quick, visual look at a rep’s progress against quota. Just like the dashboard on your car, upon logging in, reps and their managers can see vital information customized to their day-to-day needs.
    3. With cloud-supported, fully mobile accessibility that is demanded by consumers today, your sales reps cannot be tied down to a desk all day. Having the ability to access CRM from any device to not only see data, but to also have the ability to manipulate and create data entries is functionality that is fully utilized by best-in-class companies.
    4. Sales Forecasting is critical to developing and implementing best practices for sales teams. Predictive analytics capabilities are ever improving to help leaders predict deals and coach their teams on best practices.
    5. Because so many customer data silos exist, generating one single version of the truth can be difficult and make decision making nowhere near easy. Data quality and integration technologies help to alleviate this headache by connecting systems across your organization so that customer, sales and order data is connected keeping your data clean, reliable, and more accessible to capitalize on new opportunities.

    When CRM use is optimized, sales reps will be able to achieve sales quotas, turn more quotes into orders, have greater access and use of mobile CRM, and be empowered with the technology and messaging they need to make more personalized connections.

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