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Your accountants and finance professionals go to work each day with one goal: to help clients better their business and capitalize on new opportunities. How do you equip them with the tools they need to not only get the job done, but excel?

We’ve designed an ERP solution tailored to accounting firms

Accountants are known for their focus on numbers, so here are some numbers for you:

  • 70% less investment than the industry average for enterprise ERP projects
  • 77% faster deployment than the industry average for enterprise ERP projects
  • 4X better on-time performance than industry average

These numbers, and more, are attainable with Dynamics 365 AXIO for Accounting Firms.


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ERP for accounting firms

Learn how our Dynamics 365 + AXIO solution helped Berkowitz transform their accounting practice.


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An ERP Should Support Your Accounting Firm with:

Seamless integration

To drive businesses processes, many accounting firms rely on multiple, disconnected systems that have been pieced together over many years. These disparate systems make it impossible to accurately project, measure, and make sound business decisions. Accounting firms should ensure their software delivers integrated project management, document management, workflow management, and financials for accurate and actionable reporting.


Accounting firms require an ERP that promotes compliance, and with ever-evolving rules, this means your software must always be up-to-date. A cloud-based system will allow your firm to update your software as soon as a new version of your ERP is released. With fully integrated ERP and project management, your accounting firm can automatically transition all systems and begin leverage new features with efficiency, speed and accuracy.

Rapid deployment

Traditional implementations require significant time and investment in consultation and business analysis to ensure that business processes are accurately defined and documented before an implementation plan can even be scoped and developed. An ERP implementation should provide accounting firms a functioning financial system right off the bat, and deployed in a way that will enable your practice to grow and easily expand systems in the future.


Operations Your ERP Should Handle:

As a professional services organization, accounting firms require tools to increase customer satisfaction, outpace competitors and maximize profitability. You need visibility in order to accurately plan, efficiently utilize resources, and ultimately grow your practice. In addition to core ERP functionality, accounting firms require capabilities to support:

Project Management

Project management is fundamental to your accounting firm practice. The time you spend with your clients is limited. The impressions you leave are forever. Your goal is to secure your place at the table year after year. Continuity is key — whether you allocate the same team or not. A well suited ERP will seamlessly integrate continuity with project management software designed for your firm’s success.

It is particularly important for accounting firms to implement project management software that allows them to get up and running immediately – efficiently managing projects and supporting positive client experiences.

Project management software for accounting firms should include features such as:

  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Enhanced revenue management
  • Visual editing
  • eBanking
  • Payroll system integration

This powerful combination provides accounting firms with the project and task management benefits they need to grow their practice.

Workflow Management

Streamlining processes and workflow is everything when it comes to completing a job for a client. Your accounting firm requires a workflow management software solution that not only standardizes processes, but promotes efficient time and billing tracking, seamless document management, and ensures you have the right resources working on the right tasks. ERP software should support workflow management and help your accounting firm:

  • Streamline interdepartmental communications and reduce redundant workloads
  • Assist the purchase order process with approval workflows
  • Enable AP Invoicing with approval workflows
  • Provide General Ledger journal entry processing with workflows

Scheduling and Resource Management

Your goal is to provide the best possible client experience. To do so profitably, you need the right people, with the right skillsets, on the right projects. A fully integrated solution will promote collaboration and communication among stakeholders. With improved insight and forecasting, you can do a better job of managing your resources. Your business systems should help your accounting firm:

  • Allocate resources more efficiently
  • Improve utilization metrics (for services companies)
  • Provide a better client experience with more accurate and timely billing
  • Predict revenue and pipeline more accurately

Contract and Document Management

An Accounting Firm ERP should be equipped with integrated document management to track a contract from the time of negotiation to acceptance, works-in-process, and then retirement – greatly simplifying the complex nature of revenue recognition. The document management software should support processes such as:

  • Comprehensive Contract Renewals
  • Automated Contract Realignment
  • Contract Re-Parenting

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AXIO and Dynamics 365 Features

Velosio has extended Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations with functionality built specifically to address the needs of accounting firms including Project and Workflow Management, Scheduling and Resource Management, Document Management, and Financials.

AXIO and Dynamics 365 Features

Financial Features

Financial Features

  • Multi-Company, Multi-Currency Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Bank
  • Advanced Credit Management
  • Compliance and Regulatory Support
  • Advanced Commissions Management
  • Excel Budget Import Tool
  • Fixed asset with purchasing integration
  • Generating electronic payments
  • Bank Reconciliation
Project and Resource Management

Project and Resource Management

  • Flexible Project hierarchies
  • User defined billing structure
  • Manage resource forecasts & utilization by role
    or resource
  • Project budgeting and management down to the activity level
  • Track project progress and costs
  • Capture time and expense
    • Receipt management
    • Corporate credit card management
    • Travel requisition
    • Cash advances
  • Dimension defaults on time sheets
  • Cross entity resource utilization and project execution
  • Robust Project Management functionality with optional integration to Microsoft Project
  • Project alerts and notifications
  • Integrated Document Management
Project Accounting and Billing

Project Accounting and Billing

  • Manage revenue recognition and cash flow
  • Flexible revenue recognition supports multiple revenue streams: subscription, pay-as-you-go, on-demand, time & materials, etc.
  • Project Costing Inventory management
  • Overhead allocation management
  • Enhanced Web Portal for Project Managers
  • Global project accounting capability
  • Multi-currency at project level
  • Advanced Credit Management
  • Compliance and Regulatory Support
  • Advanced Commissions Management
Business Intelligence and Reporting


  • Financial reporting using dimensions for Locations, Departments, Business Units and Equity Partners
  • Ad-hoc Reporting Tool for simplified report creation
  • Enhanced BI Platform
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Alerts and Report Scheduling
  • Automated Report Distribution



Our Dynamics 365 AXIO solution, specifically tailored of accounting firms, is designed to specifically enhance processes and functionality for practices. Results include:

  • Streamlined ERP implementation at a fraction of the cost
    • 77% faster (than average) ERP implementation for firms
    • 70% less investment ERP implementation for firms
    • Reduce cost of ownership of Dynamics 365 by over 50%
  • Decreased time for month-end close
  • Increased efficiency allows staff to spend time on value-added analysis and new business development
  • Supports rapid growth
  • Provides one version of the truth for improved decision making
  • Address variances in time and expense in a proactive manner
  • Reduced errors from manual and double entry
  • Simplified management
  • Reduced training time
  • Enhanced usability

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