The Countdown to GP 2013 R2 Begins!

For all of you reading up on the Microsoft Dynamics GP blog recently, you probably (definitely) noticed a great series of short articles by Pam Misialek. She is a Microsoft Dynamics GP marketing manager and is providing a Feature of the Day for Dynamics GP 2013 R2. We’ll be bringing Pam’s daily features to the SBS Group blog, along with screen shots and other Dynamics GP news.

The first Feature of the Day is Identity Management. The goal here is to reduce the number of login screens on the web client. Apps and online solutions will be able to track and organize your online identity to prevent multiple authentication logins. Think of it like a universal login that grants access to all unrestricted items at first log in. For trusted devices, users will also have the option to select “remember user name and password”.

GP ID Management

The auto-login feature will only be available on the GP web client. The desktop client will still require a SP/SQL login and password. If you’re looking for more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you can view our media center and register for our webinar on Perpetual Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

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