Do You Live in One of the Top 5 Manufacturing States in America?

As previously mentioned, July was a good month for the manufacturing industry. For the second consecutive month, the manufacturing sector expanded and job growth in the industry has rebounded from the steep recession-induced decline from January 2007 to mid-2009.

Financial analysis and news company, 24/7 Wall St, came up with a list of the top manufacturing states, calculated by total percent of state GDP output in the US. As a reference point, “…the manufacturing sector was responsible for 12% of the nation’s total economic output.”

The 5 States Where Manufacturing Matters:

 5. Wisconsin
> Manufacturing share of output: 19.1%
> Manufacturing output 2012: $49.98 billion (12th highest)

Wisconsin was the nation’s leading manufacturer of paper in 2011, with nearly $4 billion in output, accounting for nearly 1.5% of the state’s total GDP.

4. North Carolina
> Manufacturing share of output: 19.4%
> Manufacturing output 2012: $88.25 billion (4th highest)

Nearly $24 billion of North Carolina’s $84 billion manufacturing output came from chemical manufacturing, which made up roughly 5.5% of the state’s GDP.

3. Louisiana
> Manufacturing share of output: 22.6%
> Manufacturing output 2012: $55.10 billion (11th highest)

Louisiana was among the nation’s largest manufacturers of chemicals, as well as petroleum and coal products, making up more than 10% of the state’s GDP.

2. Oregon
> Manufacturing share of output: 27.8%
> Manufacturing output 2012: $55.16 billion (10th highest)

Oregon is only second behind California in production of computer and electronic products, manufacturing nearly $38 billion worth.

 1. Indiana
> Manufacturing share of output:
> Manufacturing output 2012: $84.15 billion (6th highest)
Indiana is one of the nations fastest in adding manufacturing jobs over the past several years, with year-over-year growth at or above 3.7% at the end of the past three years.

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