Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: 2019 Wave 2 Highlights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: 2019 Wave 2 Highlights

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Wave 2 for 2019 is here! In this post, we will look at three exciting updates: Customization of Opportunity Close dialog box (FINALLY!), enhancing the adding or editing Opportunity/Quote/Order/Invoice products experience, and Softphone dialer.

Editing the opportunity close dialog box

One of the most exciting and long-awaited updates announced for the October 2019 Dynamics 365 for Sales update is the ability to edit the Opportunity Close Dialog Box. As quoted from the release notes, “A top request by customers.” This update allows administrators to add fields such as Profit Margin or Winning Product in the Close as Won dialog box. In the Close as Lost dialog box, the Competitive Advantage field can be added.

Currently, the Opportunity Close entity can be opened for editing but no changes can be made. After the update, the entity will actually be editable! Administrators will be able to choose between the non-customizable experience (current default) and the customizable experience. Below is a comparison of the Non-customizable experience and Customizable experience.

Dynamics 365 CRM customizable opportunity close entity

Adding and editing the opportunity, quote, order, and invoice products experience

Editing Dynamics 365 CRM opportunities

Another exciting update is the enhancement of the adding or editing Opportunity/Quote/Order/Invoice products experience ⁠— yet another “top request by customers.” These enhancements include searching and filtering experiences that allow users to select a product on any line item, saving time and increasing productivity.

Via quick create from the Opportunity, Quote, Order, or Invoice, a user can add existing or write-in products without having to leave a form and still capture the necessary information. When selecting an existing product, a price list is no longer needed when adding the product. However, administrators have the option to enforce a price list selection if there is a need. Additionally, custom fields can be added to the Opportunity/Quote/Order/Invoice product form as is business required.

Each release from Microsoft focuses on enhancing the user experience and increasing productivity, pieces that this feature perfectly encapsulates.

Softphone Dialer

As the segment of salespeople working remotely increases, the need for user experience enhancement increases. Furthermore, with the online shopping and over-the-phone movements taking over the markets, a streamlined approach is required. Microsoft took all this into consideration when they announced the integration of Dynamics and softphone dialers.

Dynamics 365 CRM soft phone dialer

Within the phone number field on a form, there is the ability to click the softphone dialer button and the integrated softphone will automatically appear and initiate the call. This enhancement allows sales users to stay focused on the sale and smoothly transition from Dynamics to a meaningful conversation with customers.

Together, these features enable sales organizations to be more efficient, productive, and successful than ever!