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Dynamics Community – “Get Woke” and “Stay Woke” to Dynamics 365

Most of you out there (and certainly those over thirty) may have seen the word “woke” being used on Twitter or Facebook and found yourself confused by what it means. According to Urban Dictionary, “woke” refers to being in a state of awareness: “Being Woke means being aware… Knowing what’s going on in the community.” English majors out there may recall the more poetic, but equally appropriate words of Henry David Thoreau in Walden: “Be Awake.  And in so doing, awaken the dawn in others.”  I heed his words in writing this post about Dynamics 365.

dynamics 365 stay woke

So many members of the Dynamics community have been sleeping while market forces swirled and Microsoft made moves that harkened the dawn of new era in Dynamics.  Cloud competitors have gobbled market share in the SMB financials space. QuickBooks Online (badly architected and unscalable), NetSuite, Intacct, Acumatica and FinancialForce (on the Salesforce platform) have been furiously adding customers and partners.  In response, Microsoft introduced the CSP program and provided significant financial incentives to drive CRM Online sales through the model. Soon afterward, they added Dynamics ERP products to the mix – again providing incentives for CSP licensing.

At this point, some select Dynamics partners became “woke” to what was going on.  (For those of you reading this for an education on internet slang, these partners would be referred to as “Woke BAEs” – BAE standing for “before anyone else”.) Most partners, however, continued to sleepwalk as developments continued. This spring, Microsoft announced the technology preview of Project Madeira, a true on-demand SaaS business solution incorporating Office 365 and comprehensive ERP capabilities, based on the Dynamics NAV platform.  They further announced that it would only be sold through CSP partners.  “Woke” partners realized what this announcement meant.  CSP partner status can be attained through a number of competencies, so similar to Office 365 and CRM Online, virtually any Microsoft Partner will be able to resell Project Madeira. 

Finally, Microsoft introduced Dynamics 365 at WPC 16, sounding an alarm that should awaken even those most determined to deny the inevitable. My associate, Terry Petrzelka, aptly referred to the announcement of Dynamics 365 as “a giant slap upside the head to Dynamics resellers”.

A new dawn is upon us and the business model required to be successful in this new era is fundamentally different than how most VARs are currently operating.  In the spirit of Thoreau and in attempt to “waken others,” SBS is teaming with to present a Dynamics 365 webcast on August 18th.  Industry veterans Terry Petrzelka and Joe Longo will the discuss the challenges posed by Dynamics 365 and highlight changes that partners will have to make to in order meet these challenges.

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Get Woke.

Stay Woke.

Dynamics 365 – What Does it Mean for Dynamics ERP VAR’s?

Thursday, August 18 at 12:00 PM ET

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