Dynamics 365 Business Central April 2019 Release: Improved Data Entry Process

Dynamics 365 Business Central April 2019 Release: Improved Data Entry Process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central continues to impress users with each update. Among the new Dynamics 365 Business Central features released with the April 2019 update is the Quick Entry functionality. The Quick Entry capability allows users to speed up the data entry process and set an entry path that can quickly be moved through. Not all of the fields are mandatory, which eliminates the need to tab through unnecessary fields.

Setting the Quick Entry Path

To use the new Quick Entry capability, you must first go to a data entry card such as a new sales invoice and utilize the personalize function.

When in this mode, you will notice that hovering over a field brings up a red triangle. If you click on the red triangle, more options will appear. From these options, select “Include/Exclude from Quick Entry”.

There is a default path already set, so it is very important to exclude the fields that aren’t desired. The entry path will still follow the order as it’s displayed in Business Central, but now it will now only go to the fields set on Quick Entry.  

Navigating Through Quick Entry Fields

Using the Enter Key, you can move through the mandatory fields that have been applied to the Quick Entry path, skipping the unnecessary fields that have been excluded from the Quick Entry path. The Tab Key will allow you to move through all fields regardless of their settings.

In Conclusion

Data input can get repetitive and time consuming. The Quick Entry capability released with the April 2019 update empowers Dynamics 365 Business Central users to move through the processes quickly and efficiently.

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