COVID-19: Helping Our Microsoft Dynamics Community Address the Challenges of Business Applications Support

COVID-19: Helping Our Microsoft Dynamics Community Address the Challenges of Business Applications Support

Businesses today are facing continuity scenarios that most did not foresee. Offices once full of productive and efficient employees are empty as workers hunker down at home and do the best they can with available technology. Unfortunately, it is not easy for everyone to work remotely, and every day a new challenge is revealed.

For example, one area that is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations is providing support for ERP, CRM and other business critical applications. Traditional methods for support include submitting a support ticket, which would prompt a variety of responses such as an email or a deskside visit from an IT staffer. As an alternative, there might be a “go-to” person in the office that is a power user and resident expert, and employees would tap that person’s knowledge for training or support.

But now? That support ticket system is not accessible outside the office. IT is scrambling to organize and prioritize the influx of emails from employees needing help. And that resident expert is at home, unable to respond to all the requests for assistance, much less get any regular work done.

Velosio is Offering Client Success Support Options

Velosio has designed support options that help you continue to get value from your Microsoft Dynamics business applications – and your employees. These plans are available now to help you address challenges due to COVID-19 disruptions, and they will continue to be part of our regular support offerings even after the crisis has passed.

Hourly Support

Ad hoc break/fix support as you need it. We bill on an hourly basis, in 15-minute increments, and you can access support as much or as little as needed. Break/fix includes setting up new users, updating user security, modifying existing reports, or answering “how to” questions.

  • Break/fix support via the Velosio HelpDesk is available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET M-F
  • Standard business application support services and first level support for third-party vendors
  • Support services provided through email and phone when necessary

Client Success Support Plan

With this plan, you receive unlimited break/fix support for a fixed, easy-to-budget monthly fee. You have access to the levels of support provided in the hourly plan, plus you get:

  • Issue triage and escalation to Microsoft support engineers and identified third-party vendors
  • Critical response time; same day response time
  • Higher priority within the queue
  • A specialized, team approach to resolving issues as opposed to a generalist

Business Application Administrator as a Service

Business operations may be different today, but they haven’t stopped. Velosio can augment your IT staff with experts in identifying areas of optimization and process improvement, creating new reports, or modifications to your systems, or training personnel on existing and new applications. With this plan you get:

  • Minimum of 10 hours or more each month for services beyond break/fix support
  • Ability to flex up and down per quarter, if needed
  • Identification of Optimization and Process Improvements
  • Monthly task reviews that include proposed and current task assignments
  • Training for existing or new applications including month-end or year-end closing for ERP systems
  • Collaboration with Velosio experts to maximize the value of investment in your system

As we all continue to navigate the challenges of maintaining business continuity, Velosio is committed to providing our Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem with the highest level of business continuity, and our client success support plans are just one way that we can help. Please contact your Velosio CSM for more information. New to Velosio? Whether you are on a supported version of a Microsoft Dynamics, or are operating on a version that has extended beyond mainstream support, let’s discuss how we can help.