Bridging the Gap Between the Field and Back Office

Work from home employees bring many comforts but also many challenges in how the day to day business is handled. How can you close this gap?

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    Most organizations, especially in this digital era, depend on employees working away from the office, whether that’s heading to a sales meeting, answering a service call for a customer, or just working remotely. While there are a lot of moving parts from a business’ point of view, customers really “…don’t care where in the organization their issue is being resolved. They do, however, care very much about it being dealt with swiftly and successfully.”

    Efficient communication has become the driving force behind meeting customer demands and keeping them happy. As technology continues to progress, consumers expect more transparency throughout the supply chain and better efficiency in problem solving and customer service.

    One of the toughest challenges facing a business is encouraging unity between the field and back office employees. Both must work together, but as studies show, the gap continues to grow due to the lack “…of their physical proximity to each other and the greater inconvenience of contacting the remote workers.” Members of each group need to utilize the best tools to facilitate communication.

    The homebuilding industry is in a continual cycle of communication. Permits and approvals have to be acquired by the back office before employees can start building homes. Designs have to be created and shared, materials have to be purchased and delivered, all while adhering to a budget and build schedule. The numerous moving and interacting parts all have to be in sync.

    There is a wide variety of communication and collaboration software available, and choosing the right technology will keep everything in order under one complete system. Contact one of SBS Group’s homebuilding experts to help determine what works best for your company. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.