Real-Time Data Analytics: A Game-Changer for Informed Field Services Decision-Making

Dynamics 365 Field Service unlocks real-time analytics for insights, efficient resource allocation, and improved customer satisfaction.

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    Implementing real-time data analysis into your field services operations gives you immediate visibility into valuable data on what’s going on at customer sites and with internal resources. This information allows you to resolve issues faster while allocating resources efficiently to control your field services costs.

    Even more importantly, you can unleash the skills of your field services team by expanding their toolkit. Armed with accurate, up-to-date information and the ability to run reports that analyze the data, they can proactively identify potential problems with customer equipment, systems and devices. And when something breaks, they can instantly search for fixes to correct problems quickly.

    Quick View Into Core Metrics

    To gain real-time data analytics capabilities, many field services teams have turned to Velosio for help in deploying Dynamics 365 Field Service from Microsoft. Our data analytics experts connect Field Service solutions with Microsoft Power BI and Power Apps to generate automated visual insights through data analytics processes.

    These tools collect data and deliver reports that foster informed decision-making and enable the field services team to continuously improve workflows. The combination of Microsoft technologies gives you a collection of charts and dashboards for a quick view of your core metrics so managers can monitor KPIs and gauge the performance of resources and your scheduling strategy.

    Experience a Day in the Life of a Field Service TechnicianExperience a Day in the Life of a Field Service Technician

    This helps you explore field service performance over any time frame:

    • Are resources used efficiently?
    • What is the discrepancy between estimated and actual work order completion time?
    • Are tasks and resources matched effectively?
    • How satisfied are the customers?

    The Dynamics 365 Field Service pre-configured dashboards provide at-a-glance insights, and you can create custom reports for any additional metrics you need to track. With predictive analytics, you can then easily identify trends and forecast demand to develop an effective resource scheduling strategy that reduces operational costs and improves customer experiences.

    Real-Time Data Analytics in Action: Automated Updates Drastically Cut Time to Resolution

    A prime example of a Velosio customer that benefits from Dynamics 365 Field Service is an engine manufacturer that operates in the military and oil & gas sectors. Each engine has a controller that coordinates and orchestrates functions. The customer installs devices to grab data from the controllers and send it to an SQL database running in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

    There, the data is served to Power BI along with streaming analytics, which users can immediately consult on dashboards or use to generate reports. In addition, alerts from the field indicating anomalies or other engine problems go directly to a Power Apps process that controls the resolution workflow in Dynamics 365 Field Service.

    This has reduced resolution times to a fraction of what they once were. The customer also deployed Power Apps on mobile devices to notify field technicians when new data on servicing engines is available in Power BI.

    Another improvement is a connector that links engine hours and cycles recorded in the remote monitoring system and assigns the values to each component installed in the engine during that period of operation. The manufacturer resets the hour and cycle counter each time a component is replaced. This information allows the manufacturer to evaluate the frequency at which components are repaired or replaced, helping maintain an optimal inventory of parts.

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    Just like this manufacturer, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can empower your organization to elevate field service operations by giving you the intelligence to improve customer satisfaction, first-time fix rates, and resource productivity through advanced scheduling, resource optimization, and mobile enablement. To learn more and find out how to digitally transform the way you manage field operations, contact Velosio today.

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    David Sigler

    Principal Consultant

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