Quick Tip: Expose Account Setup Errors in Dynamics GP

In today's post we go over some quick tips on how to expose account setup errors in Dynamics GP. Click to learn more.

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    In October, we walked through the way to set up a new account in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Now that you have set them up, how can you be sure you didn’t make any errors?  Well, you can use SmartLists to figure it out quickly and efficiently.

    Go to SmartList > Financial > Accounts

    Search for all Accounts with a Posting Type of Balance Sheet, and an Account Type of Posting Account.


    Choose to display the Account Number, Account Description, and Posting Type columns.

    Save the SmartList as a Favorite called Balance Sheet Accounts.


    Re-sort the SmartList (decending) by Account Number to easily identify the Accounts that don’t belong. Double-click on the Account to open Account Maintenance and change the Posting Type.

    Repeat the process for P&L Accounts.


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