How Microsoft OneDrive Can Speed Recovery from a Ransomware Attack

Because of Microsoft’s commitment to security, Microsoft 365 gives you the ability to detect, and recover from, ransomware attacks.

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    We all know that Microsoft 365 is great for email, collaboration, and file storage. But that’s not all. Because of Microsoft’s commitment to security, Microsoft 365 gives you another great benefit: the ability to detect, and recover from, ransomware attacks. Here’s how.
    onedrive ransomware detected
    Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to files until you pay money. Microsoft 365 can detect ransomware attacks, and when that happens, you get a notification on your device and an email from Microsoft 365.

    The first step in mitigating the attack is to verify/confirm that your files are infected. You’ll see a screen that shows some suspicious files, and if they have the wrong name or suffix, chances are, you’ve been compromised by ransomware. The recommendation then is to clean your devices using an antivirus software such as Windows Defender.

    Once your devices are safe to use, you can restore your data from OneDrive on the devices that have OneDrive. In case you didn’t know, most Microsoft 365 license subscriptions include OneDrive for Business. OneDrive is cloud storage that allows you to share documents, files, folders, and more with people inside and outside your organization. When you use OneDrive to store documents, it’s easy to restore “hijacked” documents to a previous, safe version. To learn how to restore documents on OneDrive to a previous time, follow the instructions here.

    More than Recovery. OneDrive is Data Loss Protection

    Data loss can it cost your company huge amounts of time and money, and exposure of sensitive information and assets can have legal and compliance implications, too. When organizations use the OneDrive “Known Folder Move” policy, they can protect important files and data.
    onedrive data protection
    When this policy is implemented, “known folders” (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Screenshots, and Camera Roll) are moved or redirected to OneDrive. Using the Known Folder Move lets users continue to save documents in folders they are familiar with while still having the benefit of saving to OneDrive.

    By performing the Known Folder Move, your organization improves overall data loss protection that can affect retention and compliance policies. What’s more, you maximize the value of OneDrive and the security that it provides for many different aspects of document management and storage.

    Learn more about the wide-ranging, and sometime unknown benefits of OneDrive and Microsoft 365. Contact the specialists at Velosio today and if you want to see exactly what managed services looks like, look at the full features of that service.