Increase User Adoption with NetSuite Knowledge Base

Utilizing the NetSuite knowledge base users can access training documents, guides, and specific SuiteAnswer videos. Learn more today!

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    Lack of user adoption is regularly acknowledged as a cause of failed ERP implementations. It is understandable that an ERP system which is new to most users and has significant functionality can be overwhelming and confusing. To address user acceptance and increase user participation, training is a great first step. Users leave training empowered and enabled — then time passes and employees begin to forget details or how to utilize certain capabilities.

    No one can be expected to remember each detail of a process having only been trained once. Users do their best and click around until they believe their tasks are completed. Yet, how they get their tasks completed may not be the same as the taught process. Users performing processes in different ways leads to a variety of results and reporting issues.

    Training materials are time consuming to create and cumbersome to use when on the phone with a customer. The material must be located and opened, then the appropriate data needs to be located  —  this can be frustrating for any user. Even with the best training materials, employees still require assistance from team members.

    NetSuite Knowledge Base

    NetSuite has a free solution. Utilizing the NetSuite knowledge base you can build, update, and extend the ability for users to access training documents, process / routine guides, specific SuiteAnswer videos, or FAQs without leaving the NetSuite environment.

    Business Leaders Guide to the New Digital AgeBusiness Leaders Guide to the New Digital Age

    Whether you reuse your training documentation or copy SuiteAnswers, the free NetSuite knowledge base solution provides your users 24/7 training and support for everything they need to do in the system.

    Implementing the knowledge base has proven to increase user adoption and decrease help requests, enabling both your users and your NetSuite administrator (whom already has enough to do) to spend more time with your customers.

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