Steps to Choosing an Accounting/ERP System

Choosing the right ERP system is a business decision that's not easy to make but we do have 3 easy steps to help you make this process easier.

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    Choosing the right time and the right accounting or ERP system is a business decision that is not easy to make; we do not have to tell you that.  What we can do is help you with 3 easy steps to help you make this process easier for you and your organization.

    1. Understand your accounting needs. Assess the managerial and financial needs that your organization needs. What reports do you need? Do you process payroll yourself? Do you carry inventory?
    2. Know your business’ industry requirements. Take into consideration the type of business you operate, what sectors you specialize in, and the compliance guidelines you must follow.  For example if you distribute goods, what standards or functionality do you need to have to help you meet state, federal or even internal requirements?
    3. Talk to your CFO, accountant, accounting staff, and IT staff. Speaking with one or several of these positions will help you to quickly get to the heart of what your business is most in need of.  Your IT staff will also help you to understand your hardware situation and any needs you might have there before purchasing a new accounting system.

    If you take the time to build your organization’s wish list, you will find that selecting the right accounting/ERP system will not be such a daunting task. Most often your wish list will help you narrow down your search to just a few choices that are right for you.

    If you have your list completed or need help in completing your list, please let us know. We would be happy to help make this an easier process for you. You can also download this Everyone Wins guide from Microsoft to help you start your wish list.