Field Service Training: Empowering Technicians for Optimal Service Delivery

In this article, learn about how to empower your companies field service technicians for optimal service deliveries.

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    This article is the fourth in a series highlighting the 7 ways field service operations can increase customer satisfaction. Be sure to check out the first three articles on Enhancing Communication, Field Service Feedback, and Field Service Mobility.

    In a world where customer expectations are higher than ever, it’s crucial to arm your field service technicians with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to deliver outstanding service. Training in both industry-specific hard skills and customer service soft skills is critical to delivering high-quality service consistently.

    But how can you ensure this training is effective and translates into real-world results? Read on to learn how to empower your technicians to give optimal service through training and technology.

    Operational Maturity Assessment

    Schedule a free, two-hour, Field Service Operational Maturity Assessment and see how you stack up against your peers across 5 domains and 37 competencies. We’ll help you identify the value of moving to the next level.

    Implement Technology to Standardize Processes

    In today’s fast-paced digital era, technology plays an integral role in streamlining processes and standardizing business operations. It’s no longer just about opening a work order and sending out an experienced technician.

    Field Service Role Based GuideField Service Role Based Guide

    It’s becoming more challenging to find qualified field technicians, and assets are often more complex and technical to fix. These challenges make it harder to provide consistent high-quality service to customers.

    With technology, you can ensure your technicians follow standard procedures at each field appointment. By simply opening up the work order, technicians have access to a virtual guide, which provides clear directions and increases their chances of success. Embracing such technology is crucial in ensuring your workforce is equipped to deliver premier service.

    Match the Right Technician to the Job

    Assigning the right technician for the job can be a daunting task, especially in high-pressure situations involving complex assets. Traditional manual methods of determining which technician is best suited for a specific job can be cumbersome and time-consuming. This type of institutional knowledge is quick to dissolve as employees retire or leave the business.

    Modern field service solutions can help automate job assignment and scheduling. Solutions like Dynamics 365 Field Service match the right technician for the job based on multiple factors such as skill set, experience, and proximity.

    This not only optimizes resource utilization, but also enhances service delivery by ensuring that the technician with the most relevant expertise handles the job.

    Provide Access to Knowledge-Based Solutions

    Even with the best training, field service technicians can encounter challenges or unfamiliar situations while on the job. In such cases, the collective wisdom and experience of other technicians can be a lifesaver.

    Building a knowledge base and providing technicians access to it can significantly enhance their problem-solving capabilities while on the job. If a technician faces a tricky work order, they can refer to your internal knowledge base to see if someone else has encountered a similar situation and to learn from their experience.

    In the past, technicians had to refer to bulky user manuals stored in the back of their trucks, or reschedule the appointment to another day so they could research a fix. Today, all your technicians need to do is pull up the information on their mobile devices.

    This ensures that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel when dealing with an issue that has already been addressed in the past. It can also help with scheduling, since less experienced technicians can now respond to work orders knowing they have the knowledge base at their finger-tips.

    Final Thoughts

    Empowering field service technicians through ongoing training and the use of modern technology is critical in today’s digitally-driven and customer-centric business environment. By using Velosio’s Dynamics 365 Field Service solution to standardize processes, match the right technician to the job, and provide access to a rich knowledge base, you can ensure that your field service team is fully equipped to exceed customer expectations every time they’re on the job.

    If you’re ready to improve your customer service experience with technology, reach out to one of Velosio’s Field Service experts today.




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