Field Service Mobility is Transforming the Industry

Field service mobility is opening the door to improved efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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    This article is the third in a series highlighting the 7 ways field service operations can increase customer satisfaction. Be sure to check out the first two articles on Enhancing Communication and Field Service Feedback.

    In an increasingly digital and connected world, businesses are leveraging the power of technology to not only enhance their operations, but also improve the customer experience.  With one-click ordering and pop-up notifications becoming increasingly prevalent, businesses must innovate to meet customer expectations.

    One such innovation is field service mobility. It’s transforming the way organizations manage their field service operations, and opening the door to improved efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

    Field service mobility unleashes the full potential of your remote workforce, providing them with the necessary tools to optimize their operations, communicate effectively with customers, and collaborate seamlessly with experts in real time.

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    Embracing the Mobile Workforce

    What was once a futuristic concept, the mobile workforce is here and changing the dynamics of field service operations. By implementing field service mobility solutions, organizations can empower their technicians with real-time access to critical information, customer data, real-time reporting, interactive scheduling – and more.

    This level of connectivity not only enhances the operational efficiency of your technicians, but also improves their ability to offer high-quality customer service. Field service mobility captures an entire business ecosystem into a single mobile technology to improve virtually all aspects of operations.

    Leveraging Geofencing Capabilities With Field Service Mobility

    Using field service mobility technology such as Dynamics 365 Field Service, organizations can leverage geofencing capabilities to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their field operations. By looking at the GPS coordinates of technicians and job sites, businesses can more easily verify if technicians are within range or on target to meet their next call.

    Geofencing capabilities of field service mobility also allows businesses to provide customers with real-time travel status updates and estimated arrival times, thereby significantly boosting customer satisfaction.

    This technology provides an added layer of assurance, giving businesses confidence in their operations. When a technician logs in and out of a job, the system can automatically make a note, ensuring that the organization has a precise record of their movements and activities.

    Collaborating with Experts via Remote Assist

    One of the most exciting features of field service mobility is the ability for technicians to collaborate with experts remotely. Using augmented reality technology, technicians can share their view of a problem with experts located in office locations or elsewhere.

    This real-time collaboration allows technicians to tap into the deeper industry knowledge of their colleagues, enabling them to solve issues on the spot without needing to reschedule or return at a later time. This not only saves time and effort but also significantly improves customer satisfaction by resolving issues promptly.

    From a staffing perspective, this technology means that organizations can send technicians out in the field, even if they’re not true experts. They can draw from the depth of organizational knowledge through this technology, fostering a collaborative and knowledge-rich working environment.

    Final Thoughts

    Field service mobility is more than just a technological trend; it’s a game-changer for businesses with remote operations. It empowers technicians, enhances operational efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, and fosters a culture of collaboration and shared knowledge.

    By embracing this technology, your business can unlock potential and achieve success in today’s digital and connected world. Field service software, like Dynamics 365 from Velosio, can help you transform your field-service business into a tech-forward enterprise.

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