D365 for Sales: Grow Business, Stay Focused, and Win Faster

Focus on productivity & services that generate revenue with Microsoft O365 & D365 for sales. Learn how to stay focus on what matters.

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    With more information and consumers than ever before, the sales landscape has tremendously changed over the past several decades. Gone are the days of having to go to a specific store to purchase a product or service. Nowadays, mobile-based commerce is revolutionizing the way businesses present their offerings to the world. And not only are businesses increasing their sales revenue, but customers are enjoying higher levels of satisfaction.

    Did you know sales representatives tend to spend nearly 67 percent of their time focusing on internal demands? This leaves a very small amount of time to devote toward actually selling products and services. An effective solution to overcome this time-consuming hurdle is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

    Dynamics 365 for Sales helps achieve three goals:

    • Increases customer engagement
    • Builds customer relationships
    • Develops satisfied customers

    When using Microsoft Office 365 & Dynamics 365, personal productivity and business process functions are integrated in a seamless manner, which boosts efficiency and sales accuracy by decreasing context switching. Dynamics 365 has both Cortana Intelligence and Power BI embedded within the software, providing sales reps with today’s most effective business applications, which leads to predictive insights and actionable next-steps. Furthermore, device data via the Azure IoT feature helps develop preemptive action that can be used in a wide range of business functions, including field service.

    Whether you are a seller or a manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales focuses on building solid customer relationships. Customer management leads to personal engagement via actionable insight, which then leads to enhanced sales performance levels. You will easily be able to see which leads you should pursue because you will have a clear picture of lead scoring and prioritization; all this comes at the hands of Dynamics 365’s contact-based predictive intelligence. Selling smarter and more effectively becomes a cinch with Dynamics 365 for Sales Solution.

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