Yammer Integration New Features with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Update 1

Enhancements have been made with the Dynamics CRM Update for Yammer Integration. One is the ability to specify a group during integration configuration.

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    Multiple Enhancements have been provided with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1 for Yammer Integration.

    One of the most influential enhancements is the new ability to specify a group during integration configuration. In previous versions, the entire company Yammer network was defaulted when working in CRM. However, it is possible to specify a certain group, public or private, and have that group’s conversations appear in CRM dashboard.

    In addition, users now have the ability to specify a certain group, within an individual record in CRM. Previously, the entire company was defaulted within a record, thus provoking the user to accidently post to all employees, while meaning to post to a select group of people.

    As always, group members can contribute to the conversation directly in Yammer or through CRM. When choosing the specific group for which you want your CRM to default to Yammer now allows the user to search using a search bar rather than a drop down menu. This is beneficial for users whom are included in many groups. Lastly, the overall look and layout of yammer in CRM has changed so that the conversation windows are larger and more efficient.

    See it in action in this overview video:

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